Watch the Third and Final Episode of Legowelt's and Willie Burns' Oddball Web Series

'Relics of the Past' wraps up with the pair selling space weed on the streets and being chased by an alien robot.
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Last year, Legowelt and Willie Burns launched Relics of the Past, a bizarre online TV series which followed the pair as they smoked weed, played synthesizers, and embarked on a variety of galactic and spiritual adventures. Today, the third and final episode of Relics of the Past has arrived. Catching up with Legowelt and Burns after they have returned from being abducted by an alien creature of some sort, the oddball series' final episode sees the pair jam out on their synths before heading to the streets to sling "space weed," be chased by an alien robot, and help the series' resident professor/gardner launch an "AI" network.

The third and final episode of Relics of the Past can be watched below; for those who need to catch up, the first two episodes of the series can be watched here and here.