Watch the Trailer for Tim & Barry's Upcoming Footwork Documentary 'Im Tryna Tell Ya'

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UK filmmakers and Don't Watch That TV affiliates Tim & Barry have shared the trailer for Im Tryna Tell Ya, an upcoming feature-length documentary focused on Chicago's footwork scene and featuring interviews with DJ Spinn (pictured above), Traxman, RP Boo, DJ Clent, and the late DJ Rashad. Composed of footage captured during Tim & Barry's 2012 trip to Chicago, the documentary is said to contain priceless footage of the city's thriving footwork/juke community, including an extensive look into the "complex dance battles taking place at the ultra-underground Battlegrounds venue."

"Rashad and Spinn came on Just Jam, and we instantly clicked," Tim & Barry explain in a press release. "They invited us to Chicago to come and film them creating beats. We had no idea of the scale of the dancing and just how important it was to the scene, and when we got there we were just blown away by what was there," they continue, "the relationship between dancers and producers was so close, working together so tightly, it was like the relationship between MCs and producers in the early days of grime, just really exciting."

Im Tryna Tell Ya will be available to view in full online later this month, but before then screenings are planned in London and the US over the coming weeks. For now, the documentary's trailer can be watched below.