Watch the Video for Brand-New Chromeo Tune "Don't Turn the Lights On"

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When describing the '80s-obsessed, electro-funk of NY duo Chromeo, rarely—if ever—does the word "creepy" come to mind, but that's exactly what the video for the outfit's new song is. "Don't Turn the Lights On" is on the soft-spoken side of Dave1's and P-Thugg's retro-futuristic R&B sound, and is lifted of their forthcoming third album, Business Casual. While the bespectacled frontman politely croons the song's chorus and his bearded cohort quietly jams out on some keys, the lights flick from on to off, leaving the band's glowing eyes and vibrant grins floating in air. The disembodying effect is applied to a wide cast of characters who each get a chance to do some weird shit with their illuminated organs, like so many Cheshire Cats. As "Lights" progresses, things continue to grow stranger and more funny within the video. We always knew Chromeo had a sense of humor, but some of this stuff is totally absurd, which is great.