Watch Tim & Barry's Full-Length Footwork Documentary, 'Im Tryna Tell Ya'

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First announced back in October, UK filmmakers Tim & Barry's Chicago footwork documentary, Im Tryna Tell Ya, can now be watched in full. Spanning an hour, the documentary is the result of Tim & Barry's 2012 trip to Chicago, where—joined by a number of other members of the Don't Watch That TV crew—they captured vivid footage of the city's ascendant footwork scene and its key players, among them the late DJ Rashad (pictured above), DJ Spinn, Manny, Traxman, and Arpebu, with additional appearances by recent XLR8R podcast contributor Deejay Earl and a number of other members of the amorphous Teklife crew.

Focusing as much on the producers behind the music as it does the evolution of footwork as a dance and culture, Tim and Barry's full Im Tryna Tell Ya documentary can be watched below.