Watch Video from Minimalist Ensemble Bing & Ruth’s album ‘City Lake’

A remastering of the group's ‘City Lake’ album is set to drop on November 13 via RVNG Intl.
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Having mistakenly received a copy of an unusually limited pressing of Bing & Ruth’s debut LP, City Lake, five years ago, RVNG Intl. made a point of reaching out to the main member, David Moore, to begin a dialogue. Since signing to the label, Moore and his ensemble crafted their album Tomorrow Was The Golden Age and have now come together to remaster and expand their original City Lake album for the masses to enjoy. The sound of the minimalist brooklyn-based ensemble draws many parallels to composers such as Arvo Part, John Cage, and Steve Reich in particular, with “Rails” drawing rhythmic resemblance to Reich’s signature clapping sound. 

You can watch the graceful and roving music video for “Rails” below, with the album available for pre-order here.