XLR8R Activates Official SoundCloud Account

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Whether you're a producer of, follower of, or flat-out lover of electronic music in its myriad of forms, you undoubtedly know all about SoundCloud. Well, so does XLR8R—obviously—and now we've decided to officially jump on the "cloud" so to speak, launching our account as a convenient source for readers to keep up with the site's daily downloads. Basically, the newly activated XLR8R SoundCloud page will be a one-stop place for music lovers to listen to all of the tracks that appear in our constantly updated Downloads feed, helping keep you up to date on our ever-growing catalog of free music and—best yet—make it possible to listen to everything we post as a nonstop playlist. Starting today, all of our daily MP3 posts will be available in our SoundCloud feed, so we're calling all fellow SoundClouders to head to XLR8R's SoundCloud and give us a "Follow."