Plus artwork by Rhys Carlill, mastering by Kamran Sadeghi, a dedicated zine, private streaming playlists, and ad-free browsing of XLR8R.

Please note: This edition of XLR8R+ is no longer available. Each month’s package is available for one month only, and only from XLR8R. There is no access to archival material, those who subscribe for that particular month are the only ones who will have the tunes. You can find information on the latest edition here.

The fourth edition of XLR8Rplus features exclusive and previously unreleased tracks by Hunter/Game, Cosmin TRG, and John Dimas, plus an artwork by Rhys Carlill. 

It's a pleasure to welcome Martino Bertola and Emmanuele Nicosia (Hunter/Game) back to the XLR8R pages. The Milanese duo deliver a brooding slice of emotional techno, the first taste of a wealth of new material, including an album, that will land soon. Their work is complemented by some mind-bending lo-fi techno from Romania's Cosmin TRG, sure to be a DJ favorite, before Greek artist John Dimas closes this month's edition with a typically wonky minimal groove (and a Raresh favorite, we're told). The artwork this time around comes from Australian artist Rhys Carlill—inspired by the hazy LA cityscape—with additional mastering once again provided by Kamran Sadeghi. As a further addition to the XLR8R+ offering, we've included a 50-track Spotify playlist this month, featuring a diverse array of tracks both new and old.

Like the first two editions, XLR8Rplus 004 is available to download as a package, featuring the three tracks in both WAV and MP3 formats, a dedicated zine, private streaming playlist, and wallpaper artwork for both desktop and phone. 

Subscribe to XLR8R+ here and stream snippets of XLR8Rplus 004 tracks below.