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An initiative to support independent music and journalism.

The landscape for digital publishers has become extremely difficult over recent years. A transition from traditional advertising to sponsored content has driven many media outlets to sell much of their editorial to advertisers and artists in an effort to survive. The situation is exacerbated by digital behemoths like Facebook and Google controlling what we do and do not see. Is there an independent, authentic voice left in music?

For artists, the position is similarly precarious. This is especially true for those in more underground circles, given the advent of the free-for-all streaming age. We feel it’s time to change.

In response to this, XLR8R launched XLR8R+, a monthly subscription service to complement the main XLR8R site, which will remain unchanged. Each month we share three unreleased tracks from three different artists—both known legends and lesser-known pioneers—that we feel are pushing the scene forward in inspiring ways. These tracks will be available for download in high-quality wav format for the duration of one month; only subscribers for that particular month will have them. They will not be available anywhere else and there will be no access to archived material. Think of it as a digital version of a limited vinyl pressing.

In an effort to support artists outside of musicians, each release will be paired with a special artwork created by a visual artist and curated to the music. This will be available for download as a screensaver for X+ members and will also form part of a dedicated digital zine which will feature information on the artists and works available.

XLR8R+ launched in July with the first collection of tracks—from SIT, Huxley Anne, and Vril. The subscription fee is $5 a month or $50 for the year. Membership also grants access to ad-free browsing on the XLR8R site, as well as other goodies along the way such as sample packs, giveaways, gear discounts, and free tickets.

Our goal is to provide a thoughtful and exclusive music offering to the unrelenting diggers and dedicated music lovers upon whom this scene is built. By subscribing, you will support the artists and XLR8R, allowing us to continue what we’ve been doing for 25 years: finding, curating, and serving the best electronic music out there, without paid influence. XLR8R will continue to be the independent voice of underground electronic music.

Subscribe to XLR8R+ here, and stream the tracks released so far below.


XLR8Rplus 001

Tracks: Huxley Anne, SIT (Cristi Cons & Vlad Caia), Vril.

Artwork: Natasha Kohli.

Bonus: Track by Vincent Casanova.


XLR8Rplus 002

Tracks: Fred P, Homemade Weapons, µ-Ziq.

Artwork: Nicola Kazimir.

Bonus: Sample pack by Daedelus.


XLR8Rplus 003

Tracks: Roman Flügel, Wata Igarashi, Einzelkind.

Artwork: Halo Varga/Authentik Paper.

Bonus: Family Funktion festival tickets.


XLR8Rplus 004

Tracks: Hunter Game, Cosmin TRG, John Dimas.

Artwork: Rhys Carlill.

Bonus: Family Funktion festival tickets.