YYYY, Varg, Stanislav Tolkachev, Lucy, and Ascion Up Next on Weekend Circuit

'Intention Of Mortal' and its remix package will be released in October and November, respectively.
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Buenos Aires-based Argentinian duo YYYY will be next up on Weekend Circuit on October 4.

Intention Of Mortalwill be YYYY's first full-length EP on the label, following on from Locus Of Control, the duo's split release with Stanislav Tolkachev earlier in the year. The four-track EP will also arrive with a limited edition poster insert designed by Acid Hazel.

At the end of November, Weekend Circuit will follow up Intention Of Mortal with a remix EP featuring reworks from Lucy, Stanislav Tolkachev, Varg, and Ascion.

Both releases will be available on vinyl and digitally from Weekend Circuit's Bandcamp page.