Podcast 288: Mark E

Mark E is remarkably consistent artist, one of those guys who quietly releases at least a few records each year; they may never be flashy or over the top, but they're always full of solid tunes. Given that, it's easy to overlook his catalog, even after nearly a decade of releases and a discography that contains efforts for top-notch labels like Spectral Sound, Running Back, and Golf Channel, not to mention the numerous outings on his own Merc imprint. As if all of his solo activity wasn't enough, last year saw the launch of his Project E collaboration with keyboardist Nat Woodcock, which most recently yielded the Kinks EP. Clearly, Mark E is a busy man, so when an opportunity arose for him to put together an exclusive mix for the XLR8R podcast series, we were quick to jump on it.

Whether he's producing original tracks, making edits, or perched behind the decks, Mark E is never far from a soulful groove, and that certainly holds true here. Over the course of more than 70 minutes, he skillfully pieces together various shades of house; things starts slow and syrupy, but Mark E gradually increases both the tempo and the energy level, taking cues from classic Chicago and Detroit while mixing in some choice new cuts along the way. With its skillfully drawn-out, textured transitions and ace track selection, the podcast offers a truly engrossing listen, eventually culminating in chunky, acid-laced rhythms and celebratory melodic house. It comes as no surprise, but Mark E has once again delivered a quality product; we're just happy that it was created specifically for our website.

01 Del Monte "Digital Ever After" (Freestyle)
02 Black Light Smoke "Poppa's Bag" (Scissor & Thread)
03 Mick "Macho Brother" (10" of Pleasure)
04 The Hue "The Calling (Luke Solomon Mix)" (Classic)
05 Soul Phiction "Drama Queen" (Philpot)
06 Anton Zap "Fascinated" (Story)
07 O B Ignitt "Oh Jabba" (FXHE)
08 Mr. Raoul K "Neo Evolution 01" (BaoBab)
09 Scott Grooves "C Track" (Wild Oats)
10 Way Out West "Ajare (Wild Pitch Mix)" (Deconstruction)
11 Storm "I'm a Sex Maniac (The Catbitch Mix)" (Power)
12 Sonns "Starts Tonight Dub" (Machine LTD)
13 Juju & Jordash "Unleash the Golem Part 2" (Golf Channel)
14 Traxx "Mysterio" (Nation)
15 Mark E "Crossing Paths" (Bokhari)
16 Kerri Chandler "What Is Digital Soul" (Large)

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