Podcast 285: Versalife

Boris Bunnik is a man of many talents, and perhaps more notably, many names. Over the past several years, the Dutch producer has turned out a steady stream of quality music while operating under a number of monikers, including Conforce, Hexagon, and Versalife, amongst others. While all of his projects vary somewhat, Bunnik can always be counted upon to mine vintage electro for inspiration, a trend that continues on his first Versalife full-length, Vantage Point, which drops this week via Clone West Coast Series. Given the occasion, we invited Bunnik to put together an exclusive mix for the XLR8R podcast series. Clocking in at more than 77 minutes, it's an expansive effort, one that finds Bunnik laying down 10-plus minutes of ambient weirdness before picking up the pace and straddling the line between propulsive electro and raw techno. As he weaves together classic drum-machine sounds, clicking rhythms, and grooving bits of acid, the mix eventually brings to mind the work of artists like DJ Stingray or Drexciya, both of who make appearances in the podcast. Clearly, Bunnik is in good company, and although this podcast may not stray too far from his personal artistic canon, it's an excellent companion to his top-flight production work.

01 Hexagon "Seasonal Erosion" (Transcendent)
02 Polar Inertia "Indirect Light" (Dement3d)
03 ADMX71 "Future Expansion" (Sonic Groove Experiments)
04 NRSB-11 "NRSB-11" (WeMe)
05 214 "Drift Diving" (Frustrated Funk)
06 Duplex "P.O.M. (Spiegel Reflex Mix)" (Clone)
07 E.R.P. "Vox Automaton" (Frustrated Funk)
08 The Exaltics "They Arrive" (Crème Organization)
09 Versalife "Sonic Signals" (Clone West Coast Series)
10 Claro Intelecto "Mono" (Modern Love)
11 Hexagon "Spectral Analysis" (Transcendent)
12 Duplex "Below the Photic Zone" (Harbour City Sorrow)
13 Abstract Thought "Galactic Rotation" (Kombination Research)
14 A Number Of Names "Sharevari" (Capriccio)
15 Schizolectric "Neuro-Hologram" (Audiofugitives)
16 Schizolectric "Risperidone" (Audiofugitives)
17 Versalife "Ionization" (Cultivated Electronics)
18 Morphology "Convince the Computer" (Diametric)
19 Drexciya "Wavejumper" (Underground Resistance)
20 Jeremiah R "Into the Deep" (Wil-Ru)

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