Podcast 334: Efdemin

In recent years, the term "deep" has been used and reused, to the point where the word has almost no concrete meaning in the context of electronic music. That's why artists like Efdemin (a.k.a. Phillip Sollmann) are so important; there's little question that his work is "deep," but in Sollmann's case, the descriptor has a lot more to do with the actual depth and nuanced nature of his music than it does any specific sonic signifiers. He's long been associated with Dial Records, an imprint with a long history of thoughtful, detail-oriented house and techno. On March 31, the label will be delivering Decay, Efdemin's third full-length and an effort that was largely recorded in the serene environs of Kyoto, Japan. Ahead of its release, we've enlisted the veteran German producer to put together an exclusive mix for the XLR8R podcast series.

For those familiar with Efdemin, the podcast will contain little in the way of surprises, though that does nothing to detract from its quality. Throughout his career, he's repeatedly hit paydirt when enriching standard techno rhythms with bits of noise and field recordings, and that holds true here. Even when the music's energy is peaking, the podcast feels like a long, slow burn, as subtle atmospheres and melodies gently give rise to thundering layers of percussion. The blends are long and the narrative is deliberate, making for a particularly immersive listen. Sure, there are ace bits of house and techno at work, not mention more pensive melodic passages that provide a little time for introspection, but this is an effort in which the final product is truly greater than the sum of its parts.

1. Efdemin "Parallaxis (The Borderland State Remix)" (Dial)
2. The Persuader "Hymn to Him" (Concrete)
3. Asusu "Rendering" (Livity Sound)
4. DJ Qu "Eden" (Yygrec)
5. Octave One "Meridian" (430 West)
6. Prince of Denmark "Cut Untitled Cut" (Forum)
7. Rennie Foster "Monochasm" (Xplor)
8. The Oliverwho Factory "Moonhacker" (Madd Chaise)
9. Karlist "Skins Off" (Russian Torrent Versions)
10. Jeff Mills "DeJohnette" (Purpose Maker)
11. Staffan Linzatti "On Whose Behalf" (Searchlights)
12. Steve Stoll "Echoepark" (Synewave)
13. DJ Qu "Undescribed (Believer)" (Semesters)
14. Planetary Assault Systems "Serc" (Mote Evolver)
15. Kim Rapatti "Untitled" (Plug Research)
16. Claudio Mate "Everything's Okay in Detroit (Deep Mix)" (Klap Klap)
17. Kim Rapatti "The Future" (Dum)
18. Terrence Dixon "The Study" (Tresor)
19. Eshu "Cesium" (Eshu)
20. Christian Morgenstern "Miscellaneous 02" (Kanzleramt)
21. E.R.P. "Pith" (Frustrated Funk)

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