Podcast 522: Fabio Della Torre

90 minutes of timeless house grooves from the Bosconi label head.

Fabio Corcos is an Italian artist most widely known for his production and DJ alias Fabio Della Torre. Since launching his DJ career at Tenax Club, Florence in 1995—a venue at which he still currently holds a residency—Corcos has been a flagbearer of Italian house in his home country and across the globe, presenting his sound in venues such as Concrete Paris, Tresor, DC10, Rex Paris, Flash DC, and Panorama Bar. Corcos' DJing style is sharp and precise, threading deep house with quirky minimal and more rough and raw analog flavors into wide-reaching versatile sets.

Back in 2008, alongside Ennio Colaci, Corcos launched his label Bosconi Records with a split 12" from Bruno Pronsato and Minimono, Corcos' production project with Colaci. From there, the label has gone on to release a sprawling array of records from A Guy Called GeraldDJ Nature, Andres, Paul Johnson, Scott Grooves, San Proper, Herva, Life's Track, Nas1, Rufus, Dukwa, Riccio, Mass_Prod, The Clover, and, of course, Corcos' various production aliases Quitefrut, Corcos, Bosconi Soundsystem—alongside Mass_Prod and Rufus—and Fabio Della Torre. Outside of Bosconi, under these various aliases, Corcos' music has landed on Concrete Paris, Vibraphone, Robsoul, Inner Balance, Telegraph, Tuning Spork, Ethique, Tenax Recordings, and Oslo. Like his DJ sets, the music Corcos produces lands in the house-music spectrum, albeit with an unpredictable edge; it's swinging, groove-led music built to move bodies on the floor.

For this week's podcast, Corcos delivers 90-minutes of timeless house rhythms, from trippy synth-heavy outings to more heads-down grooves, all strung together with impeccable timing.

How has 2017 been for you?
it’s been a pretty prolific yeat in terms of productions.
On the Bosconi side the label ha been pretty active and along with some eps from more known artist like Riccio and 100hz we released very first eps from Japanese artists Daisuke Kondo and Spangleman, and from Napoli based The Mechanical Man.
About my own productions mainly as Minimono with my partner Ennio Colaci we’ve released some Eps on Elephant Moon, Inner Balance and Veniceberg Records.

Where and where was the mix recorded?

I recorded the mix at my own studio, where I live, in Bosconi Fiesole, Florence.

On what equipment did you record the mix?

I recorded the set as I normally do always on vinyl with two technics 1200 and my pretty unusual Technics mixer, which I like because it has just a nice EQ and no effects or filters.

Was there a particular idea or mood you were looking to convey?

I get the ideas by starting to go through records, picking from new stuff as well as old second-hand records I’ve bought in the last vinyl market and picking form older stuff which I forgot about. It’s a good way to also dig into my own records.

The idea is playing something that at this very moment sounds fresh to me. This time I’ve picked stuff that reminded me about mid-end of the 90’s, that’s when I started DJing. Maybe I’m getting a bit nostalgic these days.

You've been a bastion of Italian house music for over two decades now—how have you seen the scene progress over recent years? And who are some of the upcoming artists inspiring you currently?

What I see in the scene that all the trends and fashions have become more radical and consumed very quickly these days. I do it for the love of music, independent of the times and the trends—that’s maybe the reason why on Bosconi you can find lots of music styles on one label.

You just held a preview of next year's 10-year anniversary tour for Bosconi—what plans do you have for the tour?

Yes, we had a nice preview event at Tenax Club Florence, the club where I started djing back in '95. We have some gigs planned in Germany starting from Tresor in January, UK, and the USA—and then looking to plan a new edition of our own mini-festival called Bosconi Fest this summer.

01. Nas1 "Peli Peli" [Bosconi]
02. Roman Fluegel "Too Hot To Sleep" [Phonica]
03. Mike grant "Late Night"[Moods & Grooves]
04. Youandwan "Fantasy Fear" [The Brane]
05. Hi-Ryze "After The Flood" (Harmo Bass Mix) [Brainiak]
06. Modal "Boy Girl Boy Girl" [Sounds]
07. Phunkey Rhythm Doctor "Mad Poet" [Hybrid]
08. Justin Zerbst "Time And Location" [Metamorphic]
09. John Tejada "As Far As Fun Tangled" [Mosaic]
10. Insync & Misteron "Dissolve" [Plink Plonk]
11. Primitive Urges "Untitled" [Primitive]
12. Beroshima "Unplugged" [Acid Orange]
13. Monoformia "Vm Keps" [Savel]
14. Cari Lekebusch "Forstar du nu" [Hybrid]
15. Tainted "Motown Dub" [Sounders Department]
16. Rei Loci "Serchin" [Bosconi]
17. Richie Inkle "Happy Face" [P&D]
18. Who Cares Who "Future Dance" [Rewired]
19. Ek Box "Session 74" [Bx]
20. 100Hz "Tenderness" [Bosconi]
21. River Electric "Translated Translations" [Thule Records]
22. M500* & 3MB "Bassmental" [Metroplex]
23. Blue Maxx "Untitled" [Midnight Drive]
24. BSS - No Flowers [Bosconi]
25. The Reflektor aka Gifted & Blessed "Tulum" [Wild Oats]
26. Claude Young "Wind Up" [7th City]
27. Calico "Untitled" [Solid Beat]
28. The True UNderground Sound Of Rome "Cyclops" [Vibraphone]
29. Minimono "On The Edge" [Inner Balance]
30. Dolby A ‎"Klang" [Ladomat]
31. Life Recorder "Sun Rays" [Aestethic Audio]


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