Podcast 249: A Guy Called Gerald's MUTEK Mix

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This week, the 2012 edition of the annual MUTEK festival will be getting underway in Montreal. Consistently presenting some of the most forward—not to mention best—assortments of electronic and experimental artists, it comes as little surprise that this year's lineup includes an intriguing array of acts, from up-and-coming locals to widely influential legends. One of those legends happens to be UK producer A Guy Called Gerald (a.k.a. Gerald Simpson), who's put together an exclusive mix to commemorate the impending kickoff of this year's MUTEK festivities. Over the past 25 years, Simpson has been at the forefront of numerous electronic movements, from his early acid-house days (which included a stint in pioneering outfit 808 State) to later planting the seeds for what would eventually become jungle and drum & bass. These days, he's located in Berlin and has musically gravitated back toward techno, most recently turning out a variant of the sound he's dubbed "gangsta tech." Here, he's assembled an hour-long session that's both tasteful and experimental—two words that are often used to describe MUTEK.

01 From Karaoke to Stardom "Do You Speak in Glitch" (Rrygular)
02 Billy Johnston "Black Hand (From Karaoke to Stardom Remix)" (Sleaze)
03 Sten "Restless" (Sender)
04 Alexi Delano "Girls on Bicycles" (Minisketch)
05 Cesare vs. Disorder "American Dream (Parallel Remix)" (Mean)
06 Dartriix "Neverdie" (op.disc)
07 Cesare vs. Disorder "Midday Vampire" (Mean)
08 Heinrich "Dark Matter"
09 Jacek Sienkiewicz "Drunken Master" (Recognition)
10 Carsten Jost "Silver" (Sender)
11 Material Object "Blacklight" (KarateKlub)
12 Monty Luke "Panik Attack (Original Mix)" (Mothership)
13 Pantha du Prince "Behind the Stars" (Dial)

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