Podcast 212: Alias

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While much of the focus on Anticon these days revolves around the efforts of more recent additions to the label's roster, many of the long-running underground hip-hop imprint's original troubadors continue to turn out new music. For instance, next week Alias will be releasing a new full-length, Fever Dream. The Portland, Maine-based artist has long been hailed as one of the best producers in the Anticon stable—his 2003 album, Muted, could easily be cited as a crucial building block in what is now known as the beat scene—but we honestly had no idea what kind of chops he had when it came to assembling a DJ mix. In truth, this mix was originally sent over unsolicited, but we were so taken in by its combination of screwed '90s R&B slow jams, leftfield instrumentals, bass-heavy head nodders, and a classic clip from Beverly Hills, 90210, that we quickly slotted it in as part of the XLR8R podcast series.

01 Jodeci "Cry For U" (Uptown/MCA)
02 Alias "Knockin' In Mitsubishi's"
03 Lucy Pearl "Dance Tonight" (Virgin)
04 AdamBomb "Sea of Nyquility"
05 MARRS "Pump Up the Volume" (4th & Broadway)
06 Claude Rainez "Possum Milk"
07 Vangelis "Entends Tu Les Chiens Aboyer?" (EGG)
08 Bibio "Willenhall" (Warp)
09 David Silver "You're So Precious To Me" (90210)
10 D33J "Drowning Pools"
11 Alias "Dahorses" (Anticon)
12 Total "Can't You See (feat. Notorious B.I.G.)" (Bad Boy)
13 Son Lux "Flickers (Alias Jodecial Hotline Remix)" (Anticon)
14 John Surman "Edges of Illusion" (ECM)
15 Alias "Revl Is David" (Anticon)

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