Podcast 216: Altered Natives

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UK producer Altered Natives (a.k.a. Danny Yorke) certainly isn't a shy man. From his candid interviews to his rough-and-tumble house productions, Yorke operates without paying much attention to particular music scenes or worrying about ruffling feathers. In the next few weeks he'll be releasing a new album, Tenement Yard Vol. 2, a full-length which, much like its predecessor, features track after track of hard-edged, bass-heavy, no-frills house. Altered Natives' music is mercilessly effective, an aspect that is readily apparent on this exclusive mix he's assembled for the XLR8R podcast series. Operating as a sort of showcase for Yorke's Eye4Eye imprint, the podcast features several tracks from relative newcomers while also placing Altered Natives firmly in the spotlight, as more than half of the mix consists of his own tunes—not that we're complaining. It's a safe bet that anyone who likes their dance music dark and dirty won't be either.

01 El Sudor "DFMA" (Eye4Eye)
02 Altered Natives "Love Switch Off" (Eye4Eye)
03 Grayz "Dubit" (Eye4Eye)
04 Altered Natives "Wanted You" (Eye4Eye)
05 El Sudor "Hermit" (Eye4Eye)
06 Altered Natives "Burnout" (Eye4Eye)
07 Ceramic "The Message" (Eye4Eye)
08 Altered Natives "Heart Shaped" (Eye4Eye)
09 At One "Squallar" (Eye4Eye)
10 Altered Natives "Shake That (feat. ESP)" (Eye4Eye)
11 Altered Natives "Friends and Lovers" (Eye4Eye)
12 Altered Natives "Restaurant Killing" (Eye4Eye)
13 Altered Natives "Wasteman of Love" (Eye4Eye)
14 Grayz and Maliciouz "Mashment" (Eye4Eye)
15 Altered Natives "Indigo Dream" (Eye4Eye)
16 DD Black "Charge (Altered Natives Remix)" (Eye4Eye)
17 Altered Natives "Stoned Love" (WIP)
18 Altered Natives "Illogical Progression" (WIP)
19 Altered Natives "Slugz" (WIP)
20 Altered Natives "Two Graves" (WIP)
21 Altered Natives "Phantom Skank"
22 Misery Peat "Gnat" (Eye4Eye)
23 Altered Natives "Protohype" (WIP)
24 Misery Peat "206" (Eye4Eye)
25 Grayz "Screwloose" (Eye4Eye)

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