Podcast 166: Anti-Pop Consortium

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In case you haven't noticed the barrage of Ninja Tune-related content as of late, XLR8R has been helping the London- and Montreal-based label celebrate its 20th anniversary. Part of that includes a month-long series of exclusive Ninja Tune podcasts, and this week's edition comes courtesy of seminal NY experimental hip-hop outfit Anti-Pop Consortium. More specifically, the mix was assembled by Anti-Pop member High Priest, who has stayed true to the group's pioneering sonic spirit and put together a futuristic collection of hip-hop tunes—including plenty of tracks of his own and from fellow APC member M. Sayyid—that casts aside the genre's usual limitations. He's also managed to do so while slipping in a few gems from more "commercial" acts like Dr. Dre, E-40, and Jadakiss, all without sacrificing the integrity of the mix. More than a decade after Anti-Pop's initial formation, it appears the guys are still capable of breaking new ground. Take a listen, and remember to check back every Thursday in October for more Ninja Tune podcasts. Also, make sure to take a look at XLR8R's Ninja Tune XX microsite for more exclusive content, Ninja Tune XX event info, and plenty of other celebratory goodies.

01 Danger "1130" (Ekleroshock)
02 HPrizm/Audio "Drmanhattan" (Prizmfoundation)
03 HPrizm/Audio "Whipping the Brownsville" (Prizmfoundation)
04 Trae "Inkredible (Instrumental)" (Screwed Up Click)
05 M. Sayyid/Airborn "Brock Lesnar (Instrumental)" (Electric Arms)
06 M. Sayyid/Airborn "Temptation" (Electric Arms)
07 Araabmuzik "Stopit Five (Instrumental)" (Dipset)
08 M. Sayyid "Popcornshrimp" (Electric Arms)
09 E-40 "The Server" (Sikwidit)
10 HPrizm/Audio "Coliseum" (Prizmfoundation)
11 Rahtid Sound "So Hard (Remix)" (Rahtid)
12 Vyle "Everything All Black"
13 Jadakiss "The Champ Is Here (Part 3)" (DJ Drama)
14 Dr. Dre feat. Nas and TI "Topless" (Aftermath)
15 HPrizm/Airborn "Thru the Wall" (Prizmfoundation)
16 Like Animals "Let's Be Patriots"
17 Cinematic Moves "Dolphin/Ocean Aquanaut" (Wardolphin)
18 Banco Manco "Unknown"
19 HPrizm/Audio "Goofyseq" (Prizmfoundation)
20 M. Sayyid/Airborn "Sayyid over Araab (Freestyle)"

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