Podcast 48: Asthmatic Kitty

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For the next installment of the XLR8R podcast, we turn our attention towards the inventive and at times quite bizarre roster over at Sufjan Stevens' Asthmatic Kitty imprint. Founded in 1999 by a collective of like-minded musicians from Michigan, the label has since risen to prominence thanks to the likes of Rafter, Shapes and Sizes, Cryptacize, I Heart Lung, and Stevens himself. Musically diverse and always impossible to pin into one genre, this mix is a good indication of what's in store for the label over the coming months. Fun fact: The name Asthmatic Kitty refers to a pregnant stray feline the label founders adopted in the early '90s.

1. Fol Chen "N Wddng Ck"
2. Osso "Year Of The Boar"
3. Shapes And Sizes "Highlife"
4. I Heart Lung "Interoceans IV (Excerpt)"
5. Grampall Jookabox "The Girl Ain't Preggers"
6. Rafter "Heat"
7. Half-Handed Cloud "Celebrating Hearts Aligned"
8. Sufjan Stevens "Year Of The Tiger"
9. Hermas Zopoula "Courez Courez"
10. My Brightest Diamond "Inside A Boy (Son Lux Remix)"
11. DM Stith "Be My Baby"
12. Castanets "Strong Animal (Rafter Remix)"
13. Liz Janes "2 AM"
14. Cryptacize "Peg"
15. Shannon Stephens "So Gentle Your Arms"

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Photo of I Heart Lung by Adriana Lucero-Schlarb.

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