Podcast 323: Axel Boman

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Although Axel Boman first put himself on everyone's radar in 2010 with the breakout release of "Purple Drank" and the launch of his Studio Barnhus label, it really feels like the Swedish producer's coming-out party took place in 2013. Not only has the notoriously affable artist found himself increasingly on the international DJ circuit, but this year also saw him issuing both the Black Magic Boman EP via Hypercolour and Family Vacation, his debut full-length. Those records showcased Boman's love for breezy pop, groovy disco, and low-slung deep house. Curious to see how those tendencies would translate in the context of a DJ mix, we invited Boman to put together the latest installment of the XLR8R podcast series. Of course, those who have seen Boman operate behind the decks won't be surprised by what he's put together here, but people expecting a high-energy session might be taken aback by the mix's decidedly slow burn. It's interesting than an artist with so much personality would tend toward tunes rife with nuance and subtlety, but that's exactly what Boman does, and does well. Over the course of its 76-minute runtime, his podcast boasts several peaks and valleys, but things never feel rushed and the music does plenty of percolating between its intermittent bursts of energy. Patience is certainly required, but the eventual payoff is more than worth it.

01 Donnie Sò "La Pagliarella (Ulrich Schnauss Remix)" (Karaoke Kalk)
02 Dresvn "A2 (from Acido 014)" (Acido)
03 Boska "Higgs" (Studio Barnhus)
04 Scott Grooves "Bitter Sweet" (Modified Suede)
05 Joe "Slope" (Hessle Audio)
06 Marcellis "Because" (Millions of Moments)
07 Ra.H & Dynamo Dreesen "Spacepops (Donato Dozzy Rework)" (Morphine)
08 Andy Mac "The Rude Sea" (Idle Hands)
09 Boogie Nite "Make Me Hot (Rahaan Sexy Mix)" (Glenview)
10 Bell Boys "B Free" (Discovery)
11 Monday Night "A2 (from Monday Night #3)" (Monday Night)
12 Kornél Kovács "Szikra" (Studio Barnhus)
13 Baba Stiltz "Aches" (Studio Barnhus)
14 Jurny "Only When I'm Dreaming" (No More Hits)
15 Diesel/Jarvis "Big Chill" (Moton)

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