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It seems like most techno veterans hail from either Detroit or Berlin. Granted, the key word there is "most," as Ben Sims calls London home and has been dropping records and making his mark in the techno world since the late '90s. Apart from his own numerous releases, Sims has been enlisted to remix a slew of techno heavyweights over the years, including Jeff Mills, Kevin Saunderson, Joey Beltram, and others too numerous to list. He also heads up the long-running Theory label, and more recently launched the Machine imprint with Kirk Degiorgio, which takes its name from the pair's new-music-devoted London party. While many DJs who've been around this long are content to simply continue rehashing the past, Sims remains dedicated to forward movement and innovative sounds, which is why we're excited to see where he takes things when given the freedom to assemble an exclusive mix for the XLR8R podcast series. Make no mistake, the mix has its share of old-school classics—many of which have been edited or remixed by Sims himself—but it also contains many newer selections, including several cuts from artists associated with so-called "bass music." Genre tags aside, the podcast offers a remarkably cohesive listen, as Sims keeps the pedal to the floor throughout, serving up 70 minutes of hard, pulsing rhythms. But there's more here than just four-on-the-floor thud; with his wealth of experience, Sims understands the importance of melody, soul, and, yes, nuance in a DJ set. There may be a lot happening in this podcast, but Sims' steady hand proves more than capable of making it work and, more importantly, crafting a compelling listen.

01 Wbeeza "Laying Here (Loop)" (Third Ear)
02 Midland "What We Know (Motor City Drum Ensemble Dub)" (Aus)
03 Tripmastaz "Guess Who" (Plant 74)
04 Tom Trago feat. Tyree Cooper "What To Do (KiNK Peak Time Dub - Sims JFF Edit)" (Rush Hour)
05 A Made Up Sound "Hang Up" (Clone Basement Series)
06 Marcel Dettmann "Duel" (50 Weapons)
07 Stephen Brown "Polar (Ben Sims Remix)" (Theory)
08 Ø Phase "Binary Opposition (Ben Klock Process)" (Token)
09 WK7 "Do It Yourself" (Power House)
10 Leonel Castillo "When You're Jumpin'" (Aux)
11 JR from Dallas "Second Life to the House Music" (Gourmand)
12 The Nighttripper "Phuture (Robert Hood Remix)" (Underground Liberation)
13 Reese & Santonio "The Sound (Ben Sims 25th Anniversary Edit)" (KMS)
14 Presk "Headway (Loop)" (Ten Thousand Yen)
15 Mike Dehnert "Pneumatic (Sims JFF Edit)" (Ann Aimee)
16 Blawan "Breathe Them Knees In" (Black Sun)
17 Gerry Read "Rhino" (Fourth Wave)
18 Ben Sims "Smoke & Mirrors (Jerome Sydenham Remix)" (Drumcode)
19 Ruff Draft "Lone Ranger" (Ruff Draft)
20 Robert Hood "The Cure"
21 Joss Moog "That's What U R" (Robsoul)
22 Ben Sims "Orbit"
23 Geeeman "Fire Extinguisher" (Clone Jack For Daze)
24 L-Vis 1990 "Rubber Crash" (Night Slugs)
25 H+M "88 (Sims JFF Edit)" (Axis)
26 Bandshell "Rise Em'" (Hessle Audio)
27 R. Stankevich "Seeu at Sea (Paul Mac Remix)" (Stimulus)
28 Skudge "Man on Wire (Marcel Dettmann Remix)" (Skudge)
29 Cosmin TRG "Sommer" (50 Weapons)
30 Reese & Santonio "How to Play Our Music (Ben Sims 25th Anniversary Edit)" (KMS)
31 Ben Sims "Move in Time" (Drumcode)
32 Skudge "Convolution (Marcel Fengler Remix - Sims JFF Edit)" (Skudge)
33 Ben Sims "Straight from Bolivia" (Theory)
34 Reese "Bassline (Joris Voorn Remix - Sims JFF Edit)" (KMS)
35 Model 500 "Time Space Transmat (Ben Sims 25th Anniversary Edit)" (Metroplex)
36 Marc Romboy feat. Blake Baxter "Muzik (KiNK Dub Mix - Sims JFF Edit)" (Systematic)

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