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It wasn't that long ago that XLR8R was re-examining the extensive discography of UK producer Clark in one of our Rewind features. The veteran artist was a natural candidate for the series, as he's been regularly turning out music—almost all of it for the venerable Warp imprint—for more than a decade. Still, while it was fun to look backwards and dig up a bit of insight about some of our old favorites, we also found ourselves curious about where Clark's musical headspace resides in 2013. The recently released Feast/Beast helped somewhat, but as a collection of remixes, it could only tell us so much. His upcoming North American tour with Jon Hopkins and Nathan Fake, which begins next week, will undoubtedly shed some more light on the situation, but we felt like the man deserved a proper solo spotlight, so we invited him to put together the latest XLR8R podcast. In truth, Clark is more of a live performer than a proper DJ, and that's certainly reflected by this exclusive mix, which includes a number of his own productions and is also marked by the occasional sudden transition. At the same time, there's still an enjoyable flow to the proceedings; over the course of the mix's 45-minute run, Clark touches on a number of moods, tempos, and styles, though his predilection for raw, hyperactive rhythms is never put aside for too long. Without question, it's a bit intense, albeit not in a way that's likely to upset those who relish Warp's long history of experimenting with the dancefloor.

01 Voltek "D503" (Net Lab)
02 Burial "Stolen Dog" (Hyperdub)
03 Clark "Untitled Beat"
04 Black Dog Productions "Olivine" (Warp)
05 Neon Jung "Delirium Tremens (Nathan Fake Remix)" (Magic Wire)
06 Ancient Methods "Untitled" (Ancient Methods)
07 Clark "Amp Loop"
08 Clark "Untitled"
09 Joe "Maximum Busy Muscle" (Hessle Audio)
10 Clark "Untitled Riff"
11 Cristian Vogel "Xpute the Woop Woop" (Tresor)
12 Nathan Fake "Unreleased Error222"
13 Clark "Untitled"
14 Special Request "Broken Dreams" (Houndstooth)
15 Clark "Shuttle Track"
16 Clark "Unreleased Modular Jam"
17 Traxman "Electric Funk" (Lit City Trax)
18 Mark Pritchard "Natty" (Warp)

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