Podcast 73: CYNE's Hip-Hop Experience

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The music of CYNE (pronounced “sign,” and standing for "cultivating your new experience”) is all about hard-hitting beats and introspective lyrics concerned with socio-political issues, and the group cites everyone from Nas and Public Enemy to J Dilla and DJ Premier as an influence (as seen on last year's Pretty Dark Things).

When asked to fashion a podcast for XLR8R, the four-man hip-hop collective compiled 18 tracks by like-minded artists and created a virtual timeline of hip-hop and rap music, from old favorites like N.W.A. and Camden Crew to up-and-comers like eLZhi, and, appropriately, since February celebrates the anniversary of his death, an opening track from the late J Dilla.

CYNE's Hip-Hop Experience
01 J Dilla – "Make 'Em NV"
02 Souls of Mischief – "Tour Stories"
03 MJG – "High Like an Eagle"
04 Big Boi – "Royal Flush Feat. Raekwon and Andre 3000"
05 CYNE – "Nicers"
06 N.W.A. – "100 Miles and Runnin’"
07 Lakim Shabazz – "Getting Fierce"
08 Masta Killa – "Digi Warfare"
09 Cool Breeze – "Doin' It in the South"
10 Jungle Brothers – Beyond This World
11 Afrika Bambaataa – "Looking for a Perfect Beat"
12 D'Original – "Make That Move"
13 Debbie Deb – "When I Hear Music"
14 Devin the Dude – "I-Hi"
15 Camden Crew – "Summer Kicks"
16 eLZhi – "That's That One"
17 Scarface – "Emeritus"
18 Ludacris – "MVP"

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