Podcast 222: Damu

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Damu (a.k.a. Sam Schorb) sure hasn't wasted any time while working his way into the UK bass conversation. In less than a year, the Manchester-based producer—and one-time subject of our Bubblin' series—has released an impressive series of EPs, including offerings on the Local Action, Silverback, and Keysound labels. The latter is also home to his recently released debut full-length, Unity, which finds Damu continuing to meld tweaked, videogame-referencing synth melodies with skittering percussion and pitched R&B vocal bits. The elements of his music may not be particularly unusual, but the way in which he combines them certainly is, which is why Damu productions stand out so clearly from the rest of the UK post-everything pack. Plenty of examples can be found on this exclusive mix for the XLR8R podcast, a unique DJ session which finds Damu gradually increasing the tempo from 110 bpm to 160 bpm over the course of an hour. Along the way, he tosses in samplings of house, techno, dubstep, juke, R&B, and countless other sounds that fall somewhere in between established genre lines.

01 Animal Collective "#1" (Domino)
02 Damu "Go Solar"
03 Thefft "Evening Ago"
04 Redshape "Futureshock" (Delsin)
05 Flying Lotus "Do The Astral Plane" (Warp)
06 Damu "A Day Without You"
07 Benoit & Sergio "Walk And Talk" (Visionquest)
08 Tyree "Nuthin Wrong" (Dance Mania)
09 Damu "Balistik"
10 Tsunga "Coewd"
11 Surgeon "Radiance" (Dynamic Tension)
12 Rustie "Globes" (Warp)
13 Damu "Ether" (Keysound)
14 Richelle "Bendin'" (Pelican Fly)
15 Damu "Shimmer"
16 Bambounou "Alpha" (Youngunz)
17 Damu "Plasm" (Keysound)
18 Dark Sky "Be Myself" (Monkeytown)
19 Damu "Flibberdiflobberdifloo"
20 Water Borders "What Wi Want (Damu Remix)" (Tri Angle)
21 Throwing Snow "Too Polite" (Local Action)
22 Damu "Skinnydipper (Futurwurx Edit)" (Silverback)
23 Circle Traps "Fjord (Damu Remix)" (Opit)
24 DJ Manny "All I Do Is Smoke Trees" (Ghettoteknitionz)
25 DJ Spinn "I'm High" (Juke Trax)
26 Kuedo "Onset (Escapism)" (Planet Mu)
27 Wheez-ie "Keep Yer Chin Up" (Embassy)
28 Damu "Mermaid (Subeena Remix)" (Local Action)
29 Patrick Wolf "The Stars" (Loog)

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