Podcast 269: Daniel Maloso

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Many words can be used to describe the Cómeme label, but dull is not one of them. Over the past few years, the Matías Aguayo-led imprint has established itself as a bit of a wild card, a hub that brings together electronic oddballs from across Latin America, all of whom are putting their own unique spin on various strains of house, techno, and disco. One of those artists is Daniel Maloso, and next week, he'll be releasing In and Out, an album which happens to be only the second full-length that Cómeme has ever released. The LP—which can be streamed in full here—finds Maloso experimenting with a myriad of funky sounds, many of them sounding as though they were ripped from the early-'80s disco-punk era. Delivering his proto-house sounds with Cómeme's usual flair, Maloso has shown himself to be as potentially fascinating as the rest of his labelmates. Considering that raves are still coming in for Rebolledo's XLR8R podcast from last year, we figured that we wouldn't regret inviting Maloso to put together his own contribution to the series. True to his musical vision, the mix is unabashedly funky, as Maloso combines a few of his own productions with some carefully selected vintage disco-funk. Without question, it's all a bit rough around the edges, but beyond that, it's not an easy podcast to categorize. Disco fetishists may find it too weird, while those hungry for the latest trends may be put off by its celebration of a very particular slice of the past. In truth, it comes across as a mix that Maloso crafted with only one person in mind—himself. Perhaps it's a tad self-indulgent, but the results speak for themselves, and we're certainly not complaining.

01 Daniel Maloso "Right Kind" (Cómeme)
02 Felipe & Daniel "Family Stone"
03 Cymande "Getting It Back" (Janus)
04 Surtek Collective "Shari (Daniel Maloso Remix)" (BNR Trax)
05 Daniel Maloso "Shera" (Cómeme)
06 The Hacker "White Funk (Daniel Maloso Remix)" (Correspondant)
07 Kazino "Binary (Maloso Edit)"
08 Midnight Express "Danger Zone" (Tri-Fire)
09 Moon Runner "Cultural Track One (Daniel Maloso Remix)" (Toytonics)

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