Podcast 196: Demdike Stare

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Sample digging is a long-standing tradition in the world of electronic music, but few artists really have the chops to repurpose sounds quite like Sean Canty and Miles Whittaker, collectively known as Demdike Stare. Last year, the UK duo released three LPs* full of dark, haunting sounds plucked from a variety of sources, including traditional Middle Eastern, Asian, and Eastern European music, not to mention bits of jazz, industrial, and who knows what else. Even without knowing all the ingredients, the group's output has always been easy to appreciate, which is why we enlisted Canty and Whittaker to patch together a sonic collage for the XLR8R podcast series. As expected, the pair pilots an ominous, exotic musical journey and even better, has provided a tracklisting, making the task of unlocking the secrets behind Demdike Stare's unique sonic brew just a bit easier.

01 Demdike Stare "Intro Loop"
02 Layale Bourg El Hamam "Belly Dance Nights" (EMI Lebanon)
03 Malcolm Clarke "The Unseeing Eye" (BBC)
04 Ray Tracing "Hold (Monster Music)" (Irdial)
05 Desmond Briscoe "Voices sequence taken from Listen, Move, and Dance Vol. 3" (Columbia)
06 Jackson Heights "Since I Last Saw You" (Charisma)
07 Anthony Manning "Islets in Pink Propylene" (Irdial)
08 Drug Free America "Candy Revisited" (Blind Eye)
09 Charlie Mariano "Traditional South Indian" (Freedom)
10 Move D "Tribute To Mr Fingers" (Source)
11 Autechre "P.I.O.B. Mix 2" (What's That Noise?)
12 Iron Office "S/T" (Metronome)
13 Jurriaan Andriessen "Hardware Software" (Park)
14 Bobby Beausoleil "The Lucifer Rising Suite" (The Ajna Offensive)
15 Demdike Stare "Outro Loop"

*The three Demdike Stare LPs were reissued as a single release, Tryptych, earlier this year. Due to overwhelming demand, a very limited new vinyl pressing of all three albums was recently completed as well. All three can be purchased—only as a single set—here.

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