Podcast 83: DNAE Beats - There's a Wormhole in My Bathroom

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More future blapp is coming out of the Bay Area, this time from S.F.-based producer DNAE Beats. His latest promo mix, There's a Wormhole in My Bathroom, will drop shortly, but in the meantime, he's prepped this exclusive mashup of tracks off the new release. Worms being creatures who live in deep, dark places, it's appropriate that the mix is packed end-to-end with bass-heavy dubstep and hip-hop tracks custom-made for all things low-end.

There's a Wormhole in My Bathroom
01 Introduction
02 Scrapper Music Feat. Eddie K
03 Razur Kut
04 En U Dub
05 Bubba Kush Dub
06 Dim Sum Blap Feat. Slotr
07 Subsurface Feat. Slotr
08 Budha Belly Dub
09 Citrus Deezl Dub
10 Polymath
11 Racoon Rain Dance
12 Unknown Dub
13 Shivastep
14 Stellark Blap Feat. Slotr

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