Podcast 54: Dre Skull: Sissy Bounce Mix

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Thanks to Dre Skull, XLR8R.com readers will get a little lesson in the history of bounce music with this exclusive podcast. The Brooklyn-based DJ and producer compiled tracks from the sissy rap genre, a New Orleans phenomena that rose to fame in the late '90s when a cross-dressing MC named Katey Red came to fame on the Southern rap scene. Here, Dre Skull shows off some of her tracks, as well as those of veteran Big Freedia and up-and-coming star Sissy Nobby.

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Sissy Bounce Tracklisting
01 Dre Skull Intro
02 Big Freedia "Ahan Oh Yeah" (Money Rules Entertainment)
03 Katey Red & Big Freedia "They Ready" (White Label)
04 Katey Red "Melpomene Block Party" (Take Fo Records)
05 Sissy Nobby "Break It Down" (Hood Status)
06 Big Freedia "Dribble" (White Label)
07 Sissy Nobby "Snake" (Hood Status)
08 Sissy Nobby "Loopy" (Hood Status)
09 Sissy Nobby "Rewind" (Hood Status)
10 Big Freedia "Fuck Ur Man" (White Label)
11 Katey Red "Hungry" (Take Fo Records)
12 Big Freedia "Hit Me On My Next" (White Label)
13 Katey Red & Big Freedia "Stupid" (Take Fo Records)
14 Sissy Nobby "Consequences" (Hood Status)
15 Sissy Nobby "Da Letter" (Hood Status)
16 Katey Red "Tiddy Bop" (Take Fo Records)
17 Katey Red "Local New Orleans" (Take Fo Records)

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