Podcast 127: Dubbel Dutch's Austin Mix

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As the mayhem that is SXSW prepares to consume Austin, we here at XLR8R figured that now would be the perfect time to unveil the Austin installment of our ongoing City Guide podcast series. Taking the reins this time around is none other than Dubbel Dutch (a.k.a. Marc Glasser), a 24-year-old NY native who now calls the Texan capital home. He's been producing since high school—although he refers to his early creations as "really bad IDM and dubstep that I wouldn't let anyone hear"—but in recent months his Trollsta EP and the forthcoming Throwback EP, both on Palms Out Sounds, have made waves with their combination of UK funky, classic rave, and old-school house. He also dabbles in dancehall, Dutch house, kuduro, jungle, and whatever other styles strike his fancy. On this mix, Dubbel Dutch surveys the sounds of Austin, also finding the time to include plenty of unreleased tracks and a number of his own remixes. If the average night out in Austin sounds anything like this, then everyone at SXSW is going to have one hell of a good time.

01 SURVIVE "Glass Knives" (Light Lodge)
02 Neon Indian "Chasms (Nadus of Brick Bandits Remix)"
03 Marcus Price & Carli "Mat Bira Kvinnor Weed (Dubbel Dutch RMX)" (Palms Out Sounds)
04 Myd "Noria (Dubbel Dutch Remix)"
05 Tummy Toast "Friend Crush"
06 Yolanda Be Cool "Villalobos For Presidente (Dubbel Dutch RMX)" (Sweat it Out)
07 DJ Orion "Boriqueneando" (Raw Word)
08 VVV "Retreated"
09 Ocelot "Our Time (LOL Boys Remix)"
10 Parson "I Rep The Dirty South (Dubbel Dutch RMX)"
11 VVV + FBOM "Train Yard Fire"
12 Outlaw Producer "Nimbus"
13 DJ Orion "Hits From the Bongo Pt. 2" (Raw Word)
14 Cosmic Revenge "Late Nights" (Kursed)
15 Dubbel Dutch "Trollsta (Egyptrixx Remix)" (Palms Out Sounds)
16 Dubbel Dutch "Madloopz"
17 SURVIVE "The Cave" (Light Lodge)

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