Podcast 30: Dubstep Goes South

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São Paulo-born DJ, producer, and party king Bruno Belluomini reminds us that dubstep isn't just for the pale faced Brits and California hippies. This selection of tracks, many of the unreleased, showcases how producers near and in the Southern hemisphere are interpreting the dubstep sound.

Belluomini's tracks have been championed by BBC Radio 1's Mary Anne Hobbs, Kode9, DJ Mag, as well as by several publications and festivals in his native Latin America. Learn more about him here.

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1. Los Palmeras "Bombom Asesino (Daleduro Version)"
2. Cardopusher "Homeless"
3. Pacheko "Done With The Zine"
4. Zardonic "Dead Miracles"
5. Thark "Blue (Thark Space Remix)"
6. Dysord Sith "Everything I Touch Dies"
7. Thark "Strange Feel"
8. Daleduro "Heavy Shit"
9. Dubstalker "Bun Out Da Wicked"
10. MPC "Rio Dub Style"
11. Buguinha Dub "Liberate"
12. Digital Dubs "30 Head Riddim (Bruno Belluomini Remix)"
13. Pacheko & Cardopusher "Harp Shaped Box"
14. Subcut feat. Jimmy Luv & Anão "Paga Pau (Uptempo Vocal Mix)"
15. Pacheko & Cardopusher "Lemna"

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