Podcast 68: Dying Songs for XLR8R

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Anyone familiar with L.A.-based internet radio station dublab will likely know Jimmy Tamborello’s show, Dying Songs. Over the years, he's delivered everything from The Field to Sascha Funke to Charles Mingus via the airwaves, and now he's brought the show to the XLR8R Podcast with Dying Songs for XLR8R.

In the style of the show, he embraces eclecticism and hurls us through an ambient landscape of new-age jazz, lush acoustics, minimal techno, and The Cocteau Twins. Hell, even Santa Claus is digging this mix.

For past Dying Songs mixes, check the dublab site.

Dying Songs for XLR8R
01 Paul Horn - "Prologue/Inside" - from Inside
02 Variant - "The Settintg Sun" - from The Setting Sun
03 Grouper - "Little Gray Cat" - from Grouper/Inca Ore Split
04 Susumu Yokota - "A Flower White" - from Mother
05 The Momes - "Locust Swarm" - from Spiralling
06 Officer! - "Hello" - from Ossification
07 Orchestral Manoeuvres In the Dark - "Of All The Things We've Made" - from Peel Sessions 1979-1983
08 Nite Jewel - "Artificial Intelligence" - from My CD
09 Moondog - "Do Your Thing" - from 0Songs
10 Elli & Jacno - "Pour Toi" - from Boomerang
11 Eroc - "Chaotic Reaction" - from Eroc 1
12 Bruno Pronsato - "Slowly, Gravely" - from Why Can't We Be Like Us
13 Tim Hecker - "The Inner Shore" - from An Imaginary Country
14 Cocteau Twins - "Dials" - from Dials EP

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