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Podcast 290: Ejeca

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Ejeca (a.k.a. Garry McCartney) burst on the scene in 2012—most notably with "You" (a collaborative track with Bicep) and the Horizon EP—and the Belfast-based producer's pace hasn't slowed in 2013. Shortly after we tabbed him as an "Artist to Watch" during Bubblin' Up Week back in January, the man dropped the Frequency EP via Last Night on Earth, and he has two more offerings making their way into the world this month—the Different Rules EP on Lokee Musik and the Life in Flux EP for 2020 Vision. Ejeca's profile is undoubtedly on the rise, although some of this momentum is undoubtedly due to the fact that he's often been lumped in with the current wave of '90s house and garage revivalism. Curious to find out if that was all the young artist had up his sleeve, we invited him to participate in the XLR8R podcast series. Much to our surprise, Ejeca used the opportunity to deliver a sort of mission statement, assembling a mix that not only explores multiple moods, sounds, genres, and tempos, but also consists of nothing but his own tunes, all of which are previously unreleased. The podcast begins on a clever note, as the "Intro" buries some playful retro rhythms beneath crackling static; apparently, Ejeca isn't an artist without a sense of humor about himself. On the whole though, listeners hoping for a mix loaded with sounds cribbed from Kerri Chandler and MK will likely be disappointed, as Ejeca spends most of the next 45 minutes piecing together lush melodies, off-kilter drum patterns, and a generally chilled atmosphere. Make no mistake, the podcast does have its housey moments, and even flirts with techno and electro on occasion, but overall, it's best described as a diverse listen. If Ejeca was concerned about being pigeonholed as a certain type of producer, this podcast should go a long way toward putting those fears to bed.

01 Ejeca "Intro"
02 Ejeca "Need to Know"
03 Ejeca "Metronome"
04 Ejeca "Integrate"
05 Ejeca "Within Us"
06 Ejeca "Cosmo"
07 Ejeca "Same Light"
08 Ejeca "Legoland"
09 Ejeca "In Her Eyes"
10 Ejeca "Forest"
11 Ejeca "Ascanio"
12 Ejeca "We’ll Meet Again…"

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