Podcast 230: Gerry Read

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Even after dropping a host of well-received tunes in 2011—most notably, a trio of 12"s for Ramp offshoot Fourth Wave—UK producer Gerry Read remains a mysterious figure. We know that he's young—just 20 years old, in fact. Yet his dark, twisted take on house and techno sure sounds like the work of someone with a whole lot more experience under their belt, especially given his penchant for stealthily incorporating elements of disco, acid house, and vintage Chicago and Detroit sounds into his productions. Without question, Read has piqued our interest, which is why we invited him to put together an exclusive mix for the XLR8R podcast series. While it's certainly a compelling listen, it's possible that his entry might actually raise more questions than it answers, as Read combines bits of the pulsing, house-oriented darkness he's known for with an unexpected assortment of disco, soul, jazz, classic rock—there's a Deep Purple cut here—and more, including a number of "unknown" tracks. Whether Read is actually a schizophrenic weirdo or is simply wise beyond his years and playing a very smart game, his output remains undeniably intriguing. For the time being, we'll certainly keep paying attention.

01 Modern Witch "Holding" (Disaro)
02 Unknown "Unknown"
03 Unknown "Unknown"
04 T-Connection "At Midnight" (T.K. Disco)
05 Trussel "Love Injection" (Elektra)
06 Studio 54 "Theme From Da G.O.T" (Studio 54)
07 Roni Griffith "Desire"
08 Unknown "Unknown"
09 Unknown "Unknown"
10 Blackrock "Yeah Yeah" (Select-O-Hits)
11 Deep Purple "Space Truckin'" (Warner Bros.)
12 Magnum "Witch Doctor Brew" (The Phoenix)
13 Honore Avolonto Et L'Orchestre Black Santiago "Assounon Dje Dokoli" (Disques Tropiques)
14 Atmosfear "Outer Space" (MCA)
15 Green Velvet "Fake & Phoney" (Cajual/Relief)
16 Green Velvet "Flash" (Cajual/Relief)
17 Moodymann "Unknown"
18 DJ Rush "But It Really Doesn't Matter With Me Now" (Cajual/Relief)
19 Gerry Read "Crawlspace" (Delsin)
20 Unknown "Unknown"
21 Unknown "Unknown"
22 Chez Damier "Help Myself" (Network)
23 Duncan Sisters "Sadness In My Eyes" (RCA)
24 Subhead "Moor Beats" (Tresor)

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