Podcast 126: Ghetto Division's Chicago Mix

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When it came time to commission someone for the Chicago edition of our City Guide podcast series, we here at XLR8R spent weeks brainstorming and tossing around possible candidates, many of them legends in their own right. After all, we were talking about Chicago, the birthplace of house music. But then we received an email out of the blue from Ghetto Division, an energetic crew of young Windy City DJs and producers whose roll call includes founders Rob Threezy, Maddjazz, Charlie Glitch, and Rampage alongside newer members Lorenzo Vektor, D-51, MoonMan, M-Dok, Sigma, and Louie Cue. The guys were actually volunteering to tackle the Chicago podcast, promising to do justice to their city's rich house music history while also incorporating the newest Chicago sounds. We'd heard amazing things about Ghetto Division's Southside Shakedown parties, and their passion for their hometown and the podcast was convincing to say the least, so we took a bit of a risk and handed it over to them. And boy, did they deliver—this mix is MASSIVE, covering 90 tracks in fewer than 70 minutes and running the gamut from acid house classics and Chicago legends like Cajmere, Fast Eddie, and DJ Funk (to name a few) to the newer, bassier, and occasionally Latin-flavored sounds of the crew's own productions. If this is the future of Chicago, the city has nothing to worry about.

Fast Eddie "Hip House 89'" (DJ International)
Julian "Jumpin" Perez ft Kool Rock Steady "Ain't We Funky Now" (DJ International)
Maurice "This Is Acid" (Trax)
Cajmere "Coffee Pot (Percolator)" (Club House)
Armando "100% Dissin You" (Warehouse)
Cajmere ft. Derrick Carter "Wet Dream" (Cajual)
MD3 "The Pressure Cooker" (Underground)
Mike Dunn "Magic Feet" (Westbrook)
Mike Dunn "So Let it Be House" (Westbrook)
Mr Fingers "Can You Feel It" (Trax)
Mr. Fingers "Washing Machine" (Trax)
Mike Dunn "Life Goes On" (Westbrook)
Debo "South Side" (Dance Mania)
House Master Boys "House Nation" (Dance Mania)
Adonis "Were Rocking Down the House" (Trax)
Mr. Lee "I Cant Forget" (Trax)
The Outhere Bros "Pass the Toilet Paper" (Af-Ryth-Mix Sounds)
The PJ Project "Nice-N-Fast" (Power)
Cajmere "Chit Chat" (Club House)
DJ Sneak "Work It" (Defiant)
Farley "Give Yourself to Me" (Trax)
Tyree "Acid Crash" (House Musik)
DJ Deeon "Freak Like Me" (Promo)
The Mixmasters "In The Mix" (DJ International)
Fast Eddie "Clap Your Hands" (DJ International)
Fast Eddie "Git On Up" (DJ International)
Z-Factor "Fantasy" (Mitchball)
Fingers Inc. "Mystery of Love" (DJ International)
Tyree ft Chic "I Fear The Night" (Underground)
Fast Eddie "Make Some Noise" (DJ International)
Kool Rock Steady "Let's Get Hyped" (DJ International)
Fast Eddie "Acid Thunder" (DJ International)
Pierre's Pfantasy Club "Got the Bug" (Trax)
Ralphie Rosario "You Used to Hold Me" (Hot Mix 5)
DJ Funk "Funk Me Right" (Dance Mania)
Paul Johnson "Feel My MF Bass" (Dance Mania)
DJ Hyperactive "Venus" (Missile)
DJ Funk "Pass It Around" (Dance Mania)
Cajmere "Jungle Jazz" (Cajual)
Dajae "You Got Me Up" (Cajual)
DJ Tragic "Wasted Time" (UC Music)
Dance Works "Dem Rats" (UC Music)
The Outhere Brothers "Boom Boom Boom" (House Nation)
DJ Sneak "Flip It" (Relief)
RT "Can We All Just Get Along" (Cajual)
Dajae "Brighter Days" (Cajual)
Cajmere "Conflict" (Cajual)
Cajmere "Coffee Pot (Percolator)" (Club House)
CZR "Ghetto Muzik" (IHR)
Green Velvet "Lalalalala" (Cajual)
Jammin' Gerald "Pump That Shit" (Dance Mania)
Jammin' Gerald "Pump On The Floor" (Dance Mania)
Steve Poindexter "Compter Maddness" (Muzique)
Lidell Townsell "Get With U" (Mercury)
Eric Martin "Fire Alarm" (Dance Mania)
Fast Eddie "Big Ol Booty" (IHR)
CZR "Seizure" (IHR)
Blaxican "Bounce Dat Booty" (IHR)
Tyree "Dat Ass" (Renegade)
MCM-13 "Big Fat Juicy Booty" (Jasper Stone)
MCM-13 "How To Run A Train" (Jasper Stone)
The Kix "Feelin You" (UC Music)
DJ Bam Bam "Da Hard Beats" (UC Music)
Kevin Halstead "Hands Up" (UC Music)
Alex Peace "Let Your Mind Be Free" (UC Music)
Kevin Halsted "Hands in Da Air" (UC Music)
Dance Works "Burnin'" (UC Music)
Rick Garcia "The Predator" (IHR)
Rick Garcia "The DJ Rocks" (UC Music)
Stacy Kidd "Get with It" (Titled)
Johnny Fiasco "Zig Zag" (Hot Trax)
DJ Jes "I Gave You Love" (Fresca)
CZR "Southside Chicago" (IHR)
Hispanic Syndicate Empire "Strong Feeling" (IHR)
Stacy Kidd "Give It To Me" (Dance Mania)
Rampage & Nader "Get Up" (Ghetto Division)
M-Dok "Busta" (Ghetto Division)
Maddjazz "Jack Move" (Ghetto Division)
Jose 2 Hype "Closet Freak (Charlie Glitch Remix)" (2HYPE)
Bingo Players "Devotion (M-dok Remix)"
Rob Threezy "La Chalupa" (Ghetto Division)
Jose Zaragoza "Shindigin' (Charlie Glitch Remix)" (Deep Hype)
Rob 3 "All My Time" (2HYPE)
Louie Cue "Feedback (M-dok Remix)" (Ghetto Division)
Charlie Glitch "The Talk"
Maddjazz "N2 The Music" (Ol' Head)
Knuckles "Headfones (M-dok Remix)"
Maddjazz "I Don't Play" (Ghetto Division)
Charlie Glitch "Chambermaid Swing"
D-51 "Mi Trompeta" (Ghetto Division)

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