Podcast 155: Guido

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Even though he's a member of Bristol's much-discussed "Purple Trinity," it didn't feel like there was a ton of hype surrounding the release of Guido's debut full-length, Anidea, earlier this year. The initial buzz about Joker had already faded a bit, attentions had migrated back northward east toward London, and dubstep isn't exactly known for its great albums anyways. Yet Anidea was a great record, one that found 22-year-old Guy Middleton transcending traditional dubstep circles with its alien melodies, chunky synths, hip-hop vibe, and budget horn sounds. It certainly reminded us to keep an eye on Bristol, and more importantly, to finally wrangle Guido into putting together an exclusive mix for the XLR8R podcast. Those familiar with his work won't be disappointed, as he combines some of his own tracks with like-minded, bass- and synth-heavy productions, including plenty of selections from the Punch Drunk label he calls home.

01 Guido "Korg Back" (Tectonic)
02 L-Wiz "Candleman"
03 Supra1 "Ghoster" (Trouble & Bass)
04 Mensah "Find Ya Way (Remix)" (Punch Drunk)
05 Guido "Mad Sax" (Punch Drunk)
06 The Body Snatchers "Only Hunnerds Riddim"
07 Silkie "Bass Junkie" (Deep Medi)
08 S-X "Woooo Riddim" (Stay Fresh)
09 Pinch "The Boxer" (Tectonic)
10 Geiom "Painkillers (Remix)" (Island)
11 Gemmy "Eurostar"
12 Peverelist "Better Ways of Living" (Punch Drunk)
13 Guido "Dream" (Punch Drunk)
14 Guido & Baobinga "Bumba"

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