Podcast 369: Gunnar Haslam

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Over the past year or so, Gunnar Haslam has quietly become one of those artists whose name is seemingly everywhere. In 2014 alone, the New York producer has issued releases on esteemed imprints like Argot, Delsin, and Mister Saturday Night, and this week, he's releasing his second full-length for L.I.E.S., Mirrors and Copulation. (Just FYI, the album is currently streaming in full exclusively on XLR8R.) In conjunction with this wave of activity, we figured that now would be a good time for Haslam to put together an exclusive mix for our weekly podcast series.

Like many artists, Haslam often skates the line between house and techno, although his productions have also been known to drift into more ambient, synth-heavy territory. There's definitely a dark undercurrent to his output, and that holds true in this mix, which pieces together efforts from several of techno's heaviest hitters while maintaining a nuanced, intellectual vibe. While Haslam certainly doesn't shy away from pumping, dancefloor-ready cuts, he also blends in passages of noisy experimentation, off-kilter breakbeats, and thoughtful techno. What results isn't a shiny or highly polished session, but the 74-plus minutes of music on offer do reflect a genuine attention to detail. Whether it's new or old, hi-fi or lo-fi, everything in Haslam's podcast has its place, and hearing him fit it all together is a real pleasure.

01 Autechre "Rettic Ac" (Warp)
02 Ricardo Villalobos "Ferenc" (Perlon)
03 Rhythm & Sound "See Mi Yah (Basic Reshape)" (Burial Mix)
04 Marcel Dettmann "A Req (T++ Remix)" (MDR)
05 Tin Man "Depleted Serotonin" (Acid Test)
06 Pendle Coven "Brick Tutor" (Modern Love)
07 Gunnar Haslam "Cloud Castle Lake" (L.I.E.S.)
08 Jeff Mills "Solar Flare" (Axis)
09 Ulwhednar "Nåjden Från Norra Västbyn" (Northern Electronics)
10 Vapauteen "Drawing Blood from a Stone" (L.I.E.S.)
11 NSI. "Squelch" (Non Standard)
12 Autechre "777" (Warp)
13 Gunnar Haslam "Overcomplete" (Naïf)
14 DJ Qu "The Zones" (Strength)
15 Robert Hood "Rek" (Tresor)
16 DMO "Fifteen" (Ctrl.)
17 Vernon Felicity "Spindoctor" (Clone)
18 Silent Servant "Discipline" (Sandwell District)
19 Voices from the Lake "Sentiero" (The Bunker New York)
20 Levon Vincent "I Owe You Everything" (Novel Sound)

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