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Although the goings-on of the various members of the venerable Night Slugs crew are frequently documented on XLR8R, it's been awhile since one of its artists put together an exclusive mix for our podcast series. Jam City (a.k.a. Jack Latham) is one of the youngest members of the Night Slugs stable, yet the London-based producer has already made quite a ripple in the bass-music pool with his Waterworx and Magic Drops EPs, not to mention his refix of Endgames' "Ecstasy." He's currently putting the finishing touches on his much-anticipated debut album, which is slated for release in early 2012, but took a break from that to assemble this podcast. And although the mix does feature many of the elements which make Jam City's production so unique (including unusual drum sounds, angular synths, and well-executed nods to acid house, grime, and R&B), this DJ session, which he's calling Body Music, also offers quite a few curveballs. Rather than simply flexing all of his latest dubs, Jam City has chosen to dig deep, delving headlong into disco and '80s electro-funk, particularly on the first half of the mix, which he's titled Daytime Lover. The latter half, Into the Night, gradually works its way toward more futuristic club territory, particularly once he begins dropping a series of unreleased tunes. In total, Body Music may not be the Jam City-led journey we expected, but it's nonetheless a thrilling ride. More importantly, it showcases the adventurous spirit of a young artist who will most likely be serving up plenty more surprises in the months and years ahead.

Daytime Lover
01 Jam City "Intro"
02 Change "Mutual Attraction" (Interjection Disco Dance Label)
03 Hard Chops "Dirty" (Survival)
04 Serious Intention "You Don’t Know (Special Remix)" (Easy Street)
05 Kurt Harman Project "Comin Back" (Prescription)
06 James T. Cotton "Press Your Body" (Spectral Sound)
07 East 17 Division "Textures" (Big Sound Works)
08 Bok Bok & Tom Trago "White Type R" (Sound Pellegrino)
09 Hieroglyphic Being "Fingerprints of the Gods" (Mathematics)
10 Chaka Khan "Earth to Mickey (CK Duet Space Rap Version)" (Warner Bros)
11 Art of Noise "Who’s Afraid of the Art of Noise? (Jam City Edit)"
12 Parris Mitchell "All Night Long" (Dance Mania)
13 DJ Spen "Disco Dreams" (Black Vinyl)
14 Earth People "Dance" (Champion)

Into the Night
15 Members Only "Volume 2" (Members Only)
16 Salamandos "We Invite You to Expand Your Total Self (Remix)" (Creme Organization)
17 Gwen Guthrie "Peanut Butter Prelude" (Garage)
18 Frozen Border "Frozen Border #3" (white)
19 Vincent L. Traques "Make Some Love"
20 Jam City "Make It Right"
21 Unknown "Sex (Extended Dub)"
22 Jam City "The Courts"
23 Jay R Revlon "Jungle Drums"
24 Helix "Drum Traks" (Night Slugs)
25 Hieroglyphic Being "Dreams de Illusionaries" (Spectral Sound)
26 Hectic Boyz "Hectic Anthem Instrumental" (white)
27 Jam City "He Watches Over Us All"

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