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He owns two labels and produces dance music under several different monikers, so it's no surprise that Berlin-based, American expat Jay Haze should have an extensive back catalog of tracks. He recently took some time to comb through his repertoire and compile Keep Your Third Eye Open exclusively for XLR8R, and originality rules on this mix.

"In house and techno, the formula is way too apparent and extremely overused," Jay said in an interview earlier this year. "The music has become predictable and as a result, boring."

Not so here. The 13 gems on this mix–all unreleased tracks and versions–prove that, when in the studio, Jay considers his musical compositions carefully, playing with tempos, twisting up synths and pianos, and, in short, breathing badly needed fresh air back into house and techno.

His latest album, Love & Beyond will hit U.S. stores on June 10 via TuningSpork Records. If this mix got you so excited you can't wait five more days, get the digital version at Beatport now.

Keep Your Third Eye Open Tracklisting
1. Fuckpony "Sensual Depravation"
2. Jay Haze "Keep Your Third Eye Open"
3. Jay Haze "Soul in a Bottle feat. Big Bully & Sven VT (2008 mix)"
4. Jay Haze "Muttersprache"
5. Fuckpony "Gigglepeas"
6. Jay Haze "Up for Grabs"
7. Sub Version "Space Trek"
8. Jay Haze "Party Don't Stop feat. Rockey"
9. Jay Haze "Rewrite History feat. Lil Dirrty Ghetto Bastard"
10. Gypsy Family "Strangers in All Lands"
11. Jay Haze "High on Life"
12. Jay Haze "Tanzanja"
13. Fuckpony "Time"

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