XLR8R Podcast 387: Mathew Jonson's Cobblestone Jazz Mix — MUTEK 2015 Festival Edition

A master of exquisite electronics warms up for MUTEK with this beautiful set.
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We here at XLR8R have a longstanding love affair with anything that Mathew Jonson touches, and here's why: Whether working as a solo artist or in one of his collaborative projects—the most known being Cobblestone Jazz, his partnership with Tyger Dhula and Daniel Tate—Jonson, who heads up the Wagon Repair label, has always walked a musical tightrope that's few others can match with his grace and style. The Canadian-born, Berlin-dwelling artist, who also works with his Cobblestone Jazz cohorts and the Mole under the Modern Deep Left Quartet moniker, makes and plays music that's exquisitely emotive, rhythmically ambitious and melodically complex, with threads of jazz, classical and the indescribable weaving their way through the mix—but he’s still able to pack a dance floor with the best of 'em. If you need convincing, check out Cobblestone Jazz's excellent new EP on Itiswhatitis Recordings—and if you need more proof, you can hear Jonson when he does double duty at Montreal's upcoming MUTEK fest, where he'll play in solo mode May 28, and with Cobbblestone Jazz on Sunday 31. And you'll be convinced yet further through this stunner of a set, put together by Jonson via the magic of Ableton. It's a great listen, and we think—make that we know—that you'll enjoy it as much as we do.

VIDEO: Mathew Jonson discusses his XLR8R podcast.

Podcast 387: Mathew Jonson Mutek 2015 Festival Edition by Xlr8r on Mixcloud

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