Podcast 141: Matt Shadetek

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XLR8R has an unofficial rule that we never let artists do our podcast twice. The way we see it, there are just too many fine DJs, producers, and artists out there for us to start running repeats. Yet we're willing to make an exception for Matt Shadetek, not just because we love his Brooklyn-based blends of gully beats and bass-loaded riddims from around the globe, but also because last year's excellent Full Hundred mixtape with Jahdan Blakkamoore was more of a showcase of the latter's talents—Shadetek was simply the guy stringing the beats together while Blakkamoore's dancehall croon shined through. Now that Shadetek has an album of his own on the way—Flowers, which drops next week on the Dutty Artz imprint he runs with DJ /rupture—we figured that it was time for the limelight to shine directly on him. Luckily for everyone, he comes correct with a banging mix that perfectly captures the Dutty Artz spirit; there's dancehall, UK funky, grime, unreleased gems, and plenty of Shadetek's own productions too. Tune in and get dutty.

01 Mosholu Park "Dance In Your Blood" (Dutty Artz)
02 Rita Indiana "Los Poderes" (Dutty Artz)
03 DJ Cleo "Phase 4" (Will of Steel)
04 Sticky feat. Natalie Storm "Look Pon Me" (Mixpak)
05 Matt Shadetek "Wonton Garden" (Dutty Artz)
06 Mavado "So Blessed (De Tropix Soca Remix)" (Mad Decent)
07 Chief Boima "Shake Dem Dreads" (Dutty Artz)
08 Matt Shadetek "Light Falling" (Dutty Artz)
09 Cero39 "KZ Stereo (Merengon)"
10 Contakt & Mayster "Korak"
11 NGUZUNGUZU "El Bebe Ambiente" (Shade Business)
12 Chief Boima "Techno Rumba (Uproot Andy Remix)" (Dutty Artz)
13 Lil Silva "Night Skanker" (Night Slugs)
14 Contakt "Not Forgotten"
15 Maxwell D "Walked Away"
16 Cero39 "Pa Las Leas"
17 Mosca "Nike (Club Edit)" (Night Slugs)
18 DRT "Rising Sun (Boogaloo Crew Remix)"
19 DJ /rupture & Matt Shadetek "Horchata" (Dutty Artz)
20 Ultravid "Clan of Wow (Kingdom Remix)" (Silverback)
21 Zomby "Rumours & Revolutions" (Brainmath)
22 Matt Shadetek "Church Avenue" (Dutty Artz)
23 Matt Shadetek "iHop" (Dutty Artz)
24 Timeblind "Coltan & Cassiterite" (The Agriculture)
25 Matt Shadetek "Moving Reflections" (Dutty Artz)
26 Marcus Visionary "St. Vincent" (Liondub International)
27 Matt Shadetek "Spirits" (Dutty Artz)
28 Jahdan Blakkamoore "Never Gonna Stop" (Dutty Artz)

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