Podcast 355: Mu-Ziq

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At this point, simply referring to Mike Paradinas as an influential figure feels like a severe understatement. For the past two decades, the man has worked tirelessly to push electronic music forward, both as an artist—recording primarily as Mu-Ziq, amongst a litany of other monikers—and as the head of the groundbreaking Planet Mu imprint, which has become one of the leading outposts for experimental and left-of-center electronic sounds. Incredibly prolific and never beholden to any particular style, Paradinas has amassed quite the body of work over the years, and is adding a new EP, Rediffusion, to his discography this week. To mark the occasion, we asked the veteran producer to put together an exclusive mix for the XLR8R podcast series, without knowing exactly what he might deliver.

As it turns out, he's put together a 68-minute session that seems to have two primary objectives. The first is to showcase a bunch of unreleased Planet Mu material, including multiple offerings from the likes of Konx-om-Pax, Claude Speeed, and Mr. Mitch. (There are also a number of new cuts from label afiiliate Kuedo.) Secondly, the mix seems to demonstrate that Paradinas has developed an affinity for the candy-coated sounds of the fast-rising PC Music camp, which makes a lot of sense when one considers Planet Mu's unwavering dedication to the spastic end of the electronic spectrum. Bouncing between beatless drones and ADD-addled pop experiments, the podcast is a bit all over the place, but Paradinas' selections are tied together by their colorful tones, bright synths, and unorthodox compositions. What results is something that's simultaneously thrilling and a bit maddening; in other words, it's very much something that only Mike Paradinas could have made.

01 Konx-om-Pax "Last Jam Forever" (Planet Mu)
02 Kuedo "April 24"
03 Claude Speeed "Dr. Liz Wilson" (Planet Mu)
04 Kuedo "April 9"
05 Konx-om-Pax "Manhunter" (Planet Mu)
06 Polysick "Saraceni"
07 Claude Speeed "Invocation of the Spirit of RUSSIA" (Planet Mu)
08 A. G. Cook "Close Your Eyes" (PC Music)
09 Teengirl Fantasy "Untitled Demo"
10 Claude Speeed "Dreamdream/Heart Racing" (Planet Mu)
11 Hannah DiAmond "Attachment" (PC Music)
12 Mr. Mitch "The Night" (Planet Mu)
13 Mr. Mitch "Don't Leave Me Gurl" (Planet Mu)
14 Mr. Mitch "Afternoon After" (Planet Mu)
15 Danny L. Harle "Broken Flowers" (PC Music)
16 Konx-om-Pax "Ooyeah" (Planet Mu)
17 Kuedo "May 8"
18 Heterotic "Cute" (Planet Mu)
19 Konx-om-Pax "Video Club" (Planet Mu)
20 Sophie "Nothing More to Say" (Huntleys + Palmers)
21 Hannah DiAmond "Pink and Blue" (PC Music)
22 Mr. Mitch & Dark0 "Sweet Boy Pose" (Planet Mu)
23 Teengirl Fantasy vs. K Rizz "Star Rise/Imagine If"
24 Kuedo "April 10"
25 Kuedo "June 25"

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