Podcast 87: MUTEK_10 with Michel Pontbriand

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In earlier days, a MUTEK showcase commonly involved a room of pasty guys standing still while endless bleeps and blips filled the air. And while we’d never contest the importance of that particular breed of electronic music (which remains the foundation of most MUTEK events), the festival has seen a considerable amount of growth and variety over the last decade, perhaps most evident in the lineup for this year’s annual Montreal festival.

So we figured we’d celebrate the fact that Appleblim can play alongside Moderat and Ghislain Poirier will share a stage with Nortec Collective with a special MUTEK mix. Montreal-based DJ, producer, and classically trained musician Michel Pontbriand stepped up to assume the task of curating a podcast in support of the upcoming MUTEK 10th Anniversary event, set to kick off next week on May 27. The Musique Risquée signee and longtime friend of the MUTEK crew took a long, hard look at this year's roster, and his mix accordingly reflects its diversity, traversing house, techno, dubstep, downtempo, and more, all in just over an hour.

MUTEK_10 with Michael Pontbriand
01 UNKLE - Trouble in Paradise Variation on a Theme (Car Craig C2 Remix)
02 Moderat - Rusty Nails
03 Jahcoozi - BLN
04 Modern Deep Left Quartet - Straight Whiskey
05 Beat Pharmacy - Club Dread Feat. Mikey Dread
06 Sideshow - If Alone Feat. Paul St.-Hilaire
07 Digital Mystikz - Neverland
08 Deadbeat - Roots and Wires
09 Thomas Fehlmann - Bienenkonigin
10 Mathew Jonson - Folding Spaces
11 John Shananigan - Bounce the Blue Feat. Skat Man Doo
12 G and The CD - They Only Come Out at Night (Horror Inc Remix)
13 Trus' Me - Tony Does What Tony Wants
14 The Mole - Again the B
15 Gas - Gas 1
16 NSI. - 4
17 The Fun Years - Auto Show Day of the Dead

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