Podcast 205: Nguzunguzu

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XLR8R has been gleefully following the exploits of globally minded bass outfit Nguzunguzu for quite some time, but it appears as though 2011 might be the year when the LA-based duo comes into its own. Today marks the release of the Timesup EP, which is not only the pair's latest collection of energetic, R&B-flavored tunes, but also the first salvo from the newly christened Fade to Mind label, an imprint headed up by Kingdom that Nguzunguzu also has a hand in running. (In case you missed it, go here for all the details on Fade to Mind and go here to listen to a couple of selections from the Timesup EP.) In the past few years, Nguzunguzu has shown a particular talent for assembling DJ mixes—people are still talking about the "Moments in Love" mixtape—so we figured now would be the perfect time for the pair to put together the latest installment of the XLR8R podcast series. The mix leans heavy on Nguzunguzu's own productions, but weaves in inventive efforts from like-minded producers such as Night Slugs' Bok Bok and Jam City, along with Fade to Mind cohorts Kingdom, Total Freedom, and Rizzla. Add in a few cuts of warped R&B, polyrhythmic tropical bass, and leftfield grime, and you've got another top-shelf Nguzunguzu DJ session.

01 AraabMuzik "Free Spirit (feat. Beyonce)" (Duke)
02 Nguzunguzu "Wake Sleep (Total Freedom Winter Park Homicide Edition)" (Fade to Mind)
03 Nguzunguzu "Wake Sleep" (Fade to Mind)
04 Jodie "Moments in Heartbreak (LOL Boys Edit)"
05 Jhene Aiko "Club Stranger (Nguzunguzu Remix)"
06 Nguzunguzu "Timesup" (Fade to Mind)
07 Nguzunguzu "Timesup (Kingdom Remix)" (Fade to Mind)
08 DJ Deeon "Everyday"
09 Yoshi "Deep Inside Me Groove"
10 Nguzunguzu "Water Bass Power" (Fade to Mind)
11 DJ Daycard & Djorsen Beats "Mal Konjo!"
12 Bok Bok "Hyperpass" (Night Slugs)
13 Nguzunguzu "Vision of Completion"
14 Jam City "Aquabox" (Night Slugs)
15 Kingdom "Take Me"
16 Rizzla "Bandmind HA"
17 Nguzunguzu "Brass Touch"
18 Dubbel Dutch "B Leave (Nguzunguzu Remix)" (UTTU)
19 Ripperman "Bulldog"
20 Ironsoul "Shut the Door"

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