Podcast 36: Osborne

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Todd Osborn's latest full-length arrived in record stores yesterday, and those curious about the new album, created on a hand-built computer and simply titled Osborne, should check this mix. The multi-talented producer–who, we discovered is as adept at making lego sculptures and speaking Japanese as he is at crafting music–delivers a mix of slinky, sultry house, fast-paced techno, and a few lush, layered string arrangements. Covering eighteen songs in just under fifteen minutes, many of the tracks here appear on the new album.

1. Osborne "Afrika"
2. Todd Osborn "Bingata"
3. Osborne "Junk Food"
4. TNT "L8"
5. Osborne "Outta Sight"
6. Osborne "Even More"
7. TNT "Beat This House"
8. Osborne "Bout Ready To Jak"
9. Todd Osborn "Wait A Minute"
10. Osborne "Fresh"
11. Osborne "16th Stage"
12. Superstructure "Concourse"
13. Osborne "Detune"
14. Osborne "Downtown"
15. Todd Osborn "I Think It's Me"
16. Osborne "Ruling"
17. Todd Osborn "Minibike"
18. Osborne "Air Pistol"

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