Podcast 263: Peter Van Hoesen

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It's pretty hard to keep secrets in the music world these days—at least it seems that way, particularly with the internet constantly nudging its way further and further in artists' daily lives. Give that reality, Belgian techno producer Peter Van Hoesen ought to be commended for keeping his new album under wraps until just a few days before its actual release. Even more impressive is that the unveiling of Perceiver wasn't unveiled via some petulant Twitter salvo or even a quiet SoundCloud post. On the contrary, the Berlin-based producer hatched a plan to roll out the LP all at once, making the initial announcement last week and following it up yesterday—the same day the album officially found its way into the world—with a new video. Now, he's rounded out the effort with an exclusive new mix for the XLR8R podcast series. Van Hoesen, who also heads up the Time to Express imprint, is known for his techno explorations, more specifically his ability to go deep without sacrificing the bright and visceral nature of his music, and that trend continues on this mix. Over the course of an hour, he nimbly combines a few of his own tunes with efforts from a litany of like-minded producers, touching upon classic house and techno tropes while still assembling a fresh and colorful listening experience. It's suitable for the dancefloor, but it's also the kind of podcast one can easily lose themself in.

01 Jack In Out "Down There (Hommage to the Past Edit)" (Retrometro) / Tommy Four Seven "Track 5" (CLR)
02 Delano Smith "Oddysey" (Sushitech)
03 Gingy & Bordello "Iron and Water" (Turbo) / Bandulu "Long Count" (Foundation Sound Works)
04 Dario Zenker "Cat Stance" (Time to Express)
05 Alden Tyrell "Tntus" (Clone Basement Series)
06 Mr. G "Pumped Up" (Rekids)
07 Marcel Fengler "Six in a Row" (Ostgut Ton)
08 Qindek "Outbreak" (WolfSkuil)
09 Untold "Motion the Dance" (Hemlock) / Hauschka "Tanzbein (Steve Bicknell Remix)" (FatCat)
10 Matt O'Brien "Without Warning" (Off-key Industries)
11 Raiz & Jeff Derringer "Deceit (Edit Select Remix)" (Electric Deluxe) / Eduardo De La Calle "Food and Revolutionary Sampler" (Analog Solutions)
12 Peter Van Hoesen "Axis Mundi" (Ostgut Ton)
13 Peter Van Hoesen "Inspection in Solitude" (Time to Express)
14 Peter Van Hoesen "Second Law" (Time to Express)

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