Podcast 352: Pixelord

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Nearly two years have passed since XLR8R published an extensive feature digging into the country's rapidly expanding electronic music scene. Since then, this growth has only intensified, and Russia's leading producers continue to knock on the door of more widespread recognition. Although the enormous nation is home to a countless number of talented producers, when it comes to beats and bass, there's little question that Pixelord (a.k.a. Alexey Devyanin) sits at the top of the list. He's previously released music via Leisure System, Error Broadcast, Car Crash Set, and Civil Music, and his stewardship of the Hyperboloid label has made the imprint into an essential hub for forward Russian sounds. On July 28, Pixelord's latest EP, Polygon Fane, will be issued via Infinite Machine, so the time felt right to invite Devyanin to put together an exclusive mix for the XLR8R podcast series.

The 48-minute session pulls from across the spectrum of bass music, combining bits of hip-hop, R&B, grime, footwork, jungle, and more into a hyperactive whole. Throughout the podcast, Pixelord favors bright, glowing tones and sharply polished percussion, ultimately creating something that's not far from what many of his counterparts in the UK bass continuum are up to these days. The mix is absolutely brimming with energy, and its ADD-addled charm should prove difficult to resist.

01 Borealis "yAmino" (Into the Boundary)
02 Triceracorn "Porcelain (Recue Remix)"
03 Om Unit & Moresounds "Nuff Music" (Cosmic Bridge)
04 BSN Posse & Alex Chi "Raised in the 90s"
05 Pixelord "Answer (Seafloor remix)" (Infinite Machine)
06 Ryan Hemsworth "Weird Life (Druid Cloak Remix)"
07 Ba-kuura "?angel?" (Hyperboloid)
08 Sun People "The Difference"
09 BSN Posse "Braveheart"
10 VHS Logos "U-matic" (Chico Dub)
11 Robokid x Noms "4Bae (Curl Up Remix)"
12 Pixelord "OASIS" (Infinite Machine)
13 Wallwork & Rzr "Massive Reactor" (Infinite Machine) vs. A55 Conducta "Fer Real (Bored Lord Nudemix)"
14 Warlock "Bearable Rough"
15 HxdB "Skool Dayz (KRUSHA Remix)" (B.YRSLF)
16 Alien Pimp "Undiscutable"
17 Ultrademon "Choo Choo"
18 Ba-kuura "Dream_sim" (Hyperboloid)
19 Pixelord "DSL Dream Corp" (Infinite Machine)

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