Podcast 380: Maher Daniel

Listen to a set of beautifully muted rhythms by one of our favorite artists from the No. 19 and All Day I Dream labels.
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Photo: Leif Tiltins

Photo: Leif Tiltins

Dreamy and flowing, shimmering and gorgeous—those are the sort of words that are often used to describe Maher Daniel’s music, and they aptly describe this podcast from the one-time Montreal dweller, currently spending his downtime in Barcelona. As a producer, Daniel has been on the move for the past several years, largely on the strength his association with labels along the lines of All Day I Dream (no surprise there, given the hazily blissful feel of much of his music), Bedrock, Get Physical, Leftroom, My Favorite Robot and No. 19. (His aptly named astral-house jam, “Into the Stars,” is on that last label’s recent Spring Sampler compilation and appears in this mix; a new EP on ADID is coming soon, along with music from Creatures of Habit, a collaboration with Amir Javasoul.) Daniel’s studio sound is one that takes the needs of both the dancefloor and of our headspace into account, and he toes that line with skill.

But to fully appreciate Daniel's skills, you have to hear the man in DJ mode—he’s got a busy schedule lined up in the coming months, and you should definitely catch him in person. But why wait, when you have this podcast right in front of you, ready to roll? Considering the mix’s limited running time, he builds it up ever-so-patiently—a skill he acquired from his time spent as a resident at Montreal’s Stereo, where he opened for a stream of the world’s best spinners. The set travels from subdued, groovy breakbeats though nicely chilled deep house beautifully muted acid and back again— and it’s a stunner, from start to finish.

Video: Maher Daniel discusses his XLR8R podcast

01 Anton Zap “Fascinated” (Story) 00.00
02 FFFF099 ODE (UNKNOWN RED) 00.40
05 Melchior Productions Presents Cosmic Kids Vol 2 ”Liquid Grooves” (Aspect Music) 18.10
06 Maher Daniel “Into the Stars” (No.19 Music) 25.00
07 Mandar – “Astral Victory” (Oscilate) 32.00
08 Seth Troxler & the Martinez Brothers “Space in TIme“ (Tuskagee) 42.20
09 Omar-S “Annoying Mumbling Alkaholik” (FXHE) 46.15
10 Sierra Sam & Paskal Hertzel – “Wild Things” (Sound Of Vast) 51.20
11 Dona “15th Point” (Anthony Shake Shakir Remix) (Points) 55.00
12 James Prestly & Marco Antonio “Speed” (Trevino Remix) (secretsundaze) 60.10
13 Melchior Productions Presents Cosmic Kids Vol 2 “Liquid Moves” (acapella outro) (Aspect Music) 67.25

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