Podcast 405: Ricardo Tobar

On our latest mix, the Chilean producer fuses celestial bliss and earthly grit.
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At the risk of repeating, we here at XLR8R have the good fortune of hosting yet another exquisite mix—this one coming from the hands of the Chile-born, Paris-based Ricardo Tobar. Previously releasing on Riley Reinhold's Traum Schallplatten and James Holden's Border Community labels, among others, his latest work—titled, succinctly enough, Collection—came out this past May, and like much of his music, its songs are rich, highly textured and emotive, often treading the area between heavenly, almost shoegazey bliss and rough, rugged grit. And that's what you get in the below mix as well: Celestial synths undulate over rough-hewn rhythms, while bursts of uplifting melody break through shards of electronic rattle. It's an enthralling, adventurous and fulfilling set, one that we suspect we'll be coming back to often.

VIDEO: Ricardo Tobar discusses his XLR8R podcast.

01 Roman Flügel “Occult Levitation” (Dial Records)
02 Prof. Delacroix “Cupid” (Deepblak)
03 Fx Mchn “Art 2 Mouse” (London Housing Trust)
04 Thom Yorke “Guess Again!” (Landgrab)
05 Kyle Hall “Dr Crunch” (Wild Oats)
06 Ghost Culture “Giudecca” (Factory Floor Remix) (Phantasy)
07 Avus “Hill of Beans” (Passive Front Records)
08 Jonathan Kusuma “The Grand Search” (I'm a Cliché)
09 Francis Bebey “Forest Whistle” (Daphni edit) (Born Bad Records)
10 Errorsmith & Mark Fell “Cuica Digitales” (Pan)
11 Marcos Cabral “Man's Job” (Crème Organization)
12 Tobar “Mountains Are High Enough” (no label)

XLR8R Podcast 405 - Ricardo Tobar