Podcast 420: Andrey Pushkarev

One of Moscow's finest purveyors of subtle sounds kicks off 2016 with a set of intimate 4/4 rhythms.
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Quick-mix DJ sets, in the right hands, can be dazzling—but there's certainly plenty to be said for DJs who give their selections room to breathe, giving each track's subtleties plenty of space to shine. That's the kind of mix we have here from Russia's Andrey Pushkarev, who first hit our eardrums via a show on Deep Mix Moscow Radio, but lately has been garnering international props via releases on EndlessTehnofonika and Circus Company. Pushkarev's setting off our podcast series' new year with this sumptuous hour-long set, made up of a mere ten tunes—but when those songs include such heavenly 4/4 gems as Culture Hub's “Amni,” Zendid's “Kiosque,” and "Crux" from iO (Mulen), it's best to just let the music play. Pushkarev's will be setting up shop in DJ booths all over this winter to spread his electronic-house gospel, but the upcoming gig that we're most excited about (needless to say) is a hoedown that XLR8R is hosting in Los Angeles on January 22nd, when he'll be playing alongside Clovis and Vera. Until then, we think this dreamy set will keep you cozy in the winter chill.

01 Audiotheque & Sublee “Pulse” (Out Of Stock)
02 Pavel Iudin “Tokamak” (Poker Flat)
03 Nick Beringer “Framework” (Käse Kool)
04 iO (Mulen) “Crux” (Cardinal)
05 Pavel Iudin “Charmel” (Poker Flat)
06 Zendid “Kiosque” (Elephant Moon)
07 Culture Hub “Amni” (Invisible Circles)
08 Baaz “Your Wardrobe” (S.A.M.'s Downtown Remix) (Office)
09 Paul Hester “Subsonic Interference” (Heard)
10 Alex Celler “Haz” (Trelik)

XLR8R Podcast 420 - Andrey Pushkarev