Podcast 513: Bvoice

The Moscow artist celebrates 22 years behind the decks with a selection of intoxicating records.
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Moscow artist Vasily Konstantinovsky (a.k.a. Bvoice) began his life as a selector around 1995, DJing some of the first venues offering electronic music in Russia. Bvoice's tastes were honed on a healthy diet of work from Brian Eno, Harold Bud, Can, Joy Division and Einstürzende Neubauten, and as one of the first artists to join the Deepmix team. From there, his reputation grew exponentially with several residencies at some of Moscow's most respected venues, including Arma17, Shanti, and Propaganda, as well as RTS.fm, Kazantip Festival, and further abroad at Epizode in Vietnam.

Around 2002, his production chops naturally started to catch up with his skills behind the turntables with the foundation of the Midiots project (Dumb Unit, Treibstoff Rec) with Dmitry Ponomarev. This kicked off a range of fruitful partnerships with various like-minded producers, including Khz (Time Has Changed, Dumb Unit, Airdrop) and, most recently, B.A.D. alongside both Anrilov and Danilov—Michael Mayer has included a dOP & Masomenos remix of B.A.D.'s "Papas Groove" on his forthcoming DJ Kicks compilation.

Bvoice's podcast contribution essentially acts as an auditory history of his 22 years behind the decks. Across 80 minutes, he weaves together a selection of intoxicating records, from jazz-like grooves to funky house and rare favorites close to his heart.

Where and when was the mix recorded?

It was recorded in a garage session in August 2017 that reminded me Detroit's street spirit (at least, how I could imagine that). During the recording, I even saw the people who took the wild apples from the garden trees ‘cause there were no doors or windows in my improvised studio room.

On what equipment did you record the mix?

Anton—a good friend who welcomed me to D'n'B sound systems—lent me a fresh mixer, fresh socks, and a couple of CD players.

Was there a particular idea or mood you were looking to convey?

My thought was to associate the tracks, the feelings, and the emotions during my 22 years of mixing to the one recorded story.

You have been at the forefront of electronic music in Russia since the beginning—how have you seen it change over the years and how is it now?

People don’t change…only generations. Sometimes it smells nostalgic, sometimes repetitive but mostly fresh and touchable. I like the scene, it grows in all directions from chill rave to harder warehouse vibes, so everyone can easily find himself within it and then try to build his own reflection.

What else do you have coming up this year and early next?

Our Fellows family is going to continue, there are some cool events, gatherings, and collaborations on the way. Also, I'll join winter music session of MDRNTY & Epizode festivals. Let it roll cause my groove is always back!