Podcast 518: Cassy

Warm soulful house from one of the scene's most beloved artists.
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For anyone exposed to house and techno in the last two decades, Cassy is a name that should ring strong. Her unique flair and individual style behind the decks has enamored dancers and promoters alike since first appearing on the scene in the '90s, landing her residencies at the world's most respected institutions, such as Panorama Bar—Cassy also mixed the first Panorama Bar compilation—Rex Club, Trouw, Cocoon, and DC10. Cassy's sets are always unique experiences, flowing with subtle grace through classic New York and Chicago house, Detroit techno, and soulful oddities while keeping the crowd on their toes with unexpected, catchy curveballs.

Her releases, too, have found a home on some of electronic music's most beloved labels, including Perlon, Ostgut Ton, Uzuri, Beatstreet, Playhouse, Aus, and her own Cassy imprint. Earlier this month, Cassy launched her latest endeavor, Kwench Records, a label that will feature will feature two artists collaborating, with another remix artist. The imprint's first outing was a three tracker alongside Demuir titled Please Me, with Fred P providing three outstanding interpretations—although, after hearing his contributions, Cassy decided that the tracks were so special that they had to have their own release, which is set to drop on December 15.

For this week's podcast, we get to experience Cassy's more housey side and the sort of set she would play when allowed to stretch out her dancefloor repertoire; it's an elegantly woven collection full of warmth, funk, soul, and groove, from one of the best in the business.

When and where was the mix recorded?

It was recorded on Monday, November 20 in Geneva.

On what equipment did you record the mix?


Was there a particular idea or mood you were looking to convey?

It’s hard to put something like this into words. I tried to do something special that is close to how I play when I get the chance to play a longer or more interesting set. I have recently compiled some DJ charts, and so I collated a lot of great music doing this. I went through a lot of new releases, and also connected with labels that I hadn’t bought music from in a while. I never listen to my own mixes but I have listened back to this three times because the tracks inside it are just so great. There is a lot of great music around at the moment and it feels like there are more producers that are really giving a shit again.

Your new label Kwench focuses on artists collaborating—can you tell us how this works?

To start with, it’s me collaborating with different artists and then a remix artist. The label is fresh and new, and so producers will have to be convinced this is a great opportunity and artistic outlet. Putting two or more heads together is different to just one alone, and this is what should intrigue them. Let’s do something together we wouldn’t be able to do by ourselves.

What are your plans for the label?

To have a broad spectrum of house and tech house artists that like to keep an open mind and are producing from a sincere place.

What else do you have coming up this year and early next?

I am putting my focus into my new label, of which I can’t reveal the next releases yet. But I can tell you I am very excited about the Fred P remix EP coming in December. Three beautiful interpretations of mine and Demuir’s original EP Please Me.


01. Nightmares On Wax "Citizen Kane" (Ron Trent Nightdubbin)
02. Chaos in the CBD "False Awakening"
03. Credit 00 "War Drums"
04. Hardrive 2000 "Work This, Like This" (Conga Vibe Mix)
05. Errorsmith "Superlative Fatigue"
06. Ian Friday "All I Need" (Dub Vocal)
07. Marquis Hawkes "The Phoenix Part 2"
08. Soul Inscribed "Soul Shine" (Eli Escobar Dub)
09. Ron Trent "Dimensions"
10. Vonita White & Terrance Parker "Come On Praise Him" (Terrence Parker Gospel)
11. Kalk "Äkäsha" (Dj Oyster Edit)
12. Unbroken Dub "Seven" (Bassline Mix)
13. Ark "Hall Of Confusion"
14. Addison Groove "Shango" (Ejeca Remix)
15. MD X-Spress "God Made Me Phunky" (Izmabad Vox)
16. Herb Martin "Soul Drums"
17. Cassy x Demuir "Please Me" (Fred P Broken Vibes Mix)